Change of Plans

So I biked to Strategies today, to try and get a little exercise and get out of the house. I talked to Darren the owner about some things I’d noticed in the big red book, corrected him on a few points. Told him how my 1500 point Ork and Goblin list has only two orks in it. Then he mentioned the fantasy campaign starts this Sunday.

I knew it was the to start on the 25th. I knew in order to play I’d be better off taking the daemons as they are way more points per models than the goblins, but I’d still planned to work on my second test bezerker and a test lesser demon. That had to change, I’m not the fastest painter, but even three plaguebearers takes me time. I suppose I could just drybrush and wash the heck out of them. That is what a lot of so-called Nurgle painters do. They call it a messy or even a realistic style. As if there is a realistic way to paint fictitious monsters.

I plan to paint one kinda bright sickly green. I don’t really have any painted that way and I’ll do it for the champ so he’ll stand out a bit. The other two will be brown-y or flesh-y. I’ve seen some people paint Nurgle models or zombies like this so I thought I’d give it a try. Also on the paint table is the one stand of Nurglings, I don’t need this for the 1500 point army list but I do for the 2000 point one. It is much less of a priority. One of the Nurglings will probably be painted pale-blue grey like the Servant of Decay skin was. The others will probably test out various foundation colours a little more, including my newest acquisition, Tau Sept Ochre.

I also need to make a movement tray for my 40 strong horde of Plaguebearers and I need to rebase my Beasts of Nurgle on 40mm square or 60mm square, whatever “monster” bases are. I don’t actually have any, I’m just going to use balsa wood, then cover it with sand, skulls, and of course cat liter.

It is finally starting to cool down here in Vancouver, so I think I’ll publish this, make something to eat, then get cracking.

Primed black Nurgle demons on painting table

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