40K Narrative Campaign Week 11

After a several week hiatus once again the forces of the Ultramarines and the Death Guard met on the field of battle…

After a several week hiatus once again the forces of the Ultramarines and the Death Guard met on the field of battle. It was also on the day you could pre-order the Chaos Codex so we may see some new sexiness enter the campaign, but not from me, I’m committed to the Death Guard at least for 2022. But I spent a lot of time yesterday reading reviews and watching videos and in order for the Diseased Sons and the Nefarious Fire to use the latest Chaos Codex they must join a legion.

I was originally thinking Black Legion, after all the Nefarious Fire are black, but for the Diseased Sons the best fit for their havocs and various other models I can’t field with the Death Guard codex is the Iron Warriors, oh the irony. The Creations of Bile and even the Red Corsairs are dark horses as they get less rules but they did not fight in the Horus Heresy and are not of the first founding.

If you have been living in a hole for the last few months many of the rules were leaked officially or unofficially but the usual sources will have you covered until the book is in your hands, I will just plot and scheme and hopefully paint, but first I will type up the latest battle report as Maceo the Maligned is destined for daemonhood or spawndom.

There are separate videos on the Legions mentioned above


Bill and I headed down to the Sentry Box for the first time in several weeks. He set up the terrain and rolled up a bunch of stuff from one of his fancy campaign books so for posterity our mission was “Dominate the Field” there were four objectives represented by little green flags on the corners of the two deployment zones represented by little plastic right angles I got off Etsy. Our affliction was “Unnatural Dread” which didn’t have a big affect but might have if we remembered it, there was also “Deferred Reinforcements” but that didn’t affect me either as I put my entire 40 PL army on the table to start, but Bill tried using actual “tactics”.

Even though I left behind the Burning Sores and Syphilis somehow I had more campaign experience than Bill’s army. But he brought back some old favourites including the marines with the extra good melta guns, they came on as reinforcements. As a result after doing some math Bill got two extra Command Points we didn’t use the new Command Points rules because they are for matched play and we’re all about forging the narrative.

I once again chose Turn their Hope to Rot and it is not the easiest agenda to accomplish as I have to kill the enemy’s strongest unit which of course Bill combat squads and hides half in the corner, but I also took Reaper which is easier but you only gain two experience points and can not gain virulence points. I gotta get painting I have three primed Plague Marines and I need to do another one for the Scarlet Fevers I think and I will paint that Plague Surgeon I bought, that will open up another Death Guard agenda and advance the narrative.

Diseased Sons Army List

I actually picked this army list weeks ago and basically the idea is I need more anti-armour because there are now Chaos Knights to kill not to mention toughness eight Wraithlords. So I see melta guns in my future and likely some daemon engines plus of course more cultists as outnumbering the Loyalists is fun. I think I want to get 40 of those painted for the new Chaos Codex.

  • Maceo the Maligned, Chaos Lord of Nurgle 5 PL
  • McFly the Malevolent, Plaguecaster 5 PL
  • The Scarlet Fevers led by Killious Bilious the Silliest, 5 Plague Marines 6 PL
  • The Cancer Cell led by Cancerous the Extremely Naughty, 10 Cultists 3 PL
  • Billalexdevin, Chaos Spawn 1 PL
  • Stumpy, Chaos Spawn 1 PL
  • Boris the Defiler, 9 PL
  • The Right Hard Posse led by Osteoporosis the Old School, 5 Blightlord Terminators, 10 PL


I started the game rolling nothing but ones much to the amusement of Bill and my streak of never being able to roll a six to get a command point back continues. Bill started doing the math as he kept expecting my one in six chance to happen but it did not then I explained to him that this streak has been going for at least three games. I don’t know what the odds are of this happening but they have to be microscopic. As a result of rolling ones to start Bill got to choose to be the attacker and go first but I got to choose sides and thanks to my cultists and spawn I outnumbered the Ultramarines not that they had anything I was really worried about where it would deploy, the most worrisome stuff was in reserves.

The fourth objective is behind a building guarded by a Chaos Spawn

Battle Round One

Look at all the Diseased Sons

Bill him’ed and haw’ed but ultimately chose to go first and decided he would try and kill Billalexdevin. In a campaign a unit of a single solitary Chaos Spawn is worth as many experience points as the mightiest of Chaos Knights unless you have some clever agenda. Bill’s agendas were to dig in the dirt and try to atone for his mark of shame. Billalexdevin also has the mark of shame that is why he has to hide in the corner.

The Ultramarines also fired at my terminators and the Scarlet Fevers but nothing important died just a single plague marine, the planest janest one.

Death Guard Turn One

I did a pretty good job remembering rules, I forgot some Grizzled rolls but so did Bill and I forgot that Boris can heal one wound a turn and I think we both forgot the -1 Ld test but both our armies had high leadership and McFly is inspiring and the second part of that twist is you can re-roll if a character is nearby so McFly stayed nearby the cultists for most of the game.

In my first turn everything moved forward, I sent my second Chaos Spawn around to help the now wounded one hold the corner objective. A single Chaos Spawn has it’s uses especially in making the math work out but a unit of two or three is probably more useful and will happened if the campaign goes for years as Bill hopes.

Although as noted two paragraphs ago I didn’t remember everything and will have to update my notes as I earn yet more Battle Honours and Battle Scars I did remember to cast my defensive psychic power on the Right Hard Posse, alas Bill ignored them trying to pick up the easy XP by killing spawn and cultists. Bill is a big fan of Transhuman Physiology and he played it just about every shooting phase when I shot at whatever I wanted to kill, despite that the Cancer Cell with their three autoguns managed to wound squad three. Shame on Bill for not even naming them.

Battle Round Two

Battle Round Two

The Ultramarines had some super scouts and they wanted my Chaos Spawn dead. The squad I had to kill which was split into combat squads is in the centre and the top right corner above. So basically we both had two objective but I defended one of mine with a lone Chaos Spawn and this flaw in my defences was quickly spotted by Bill or was Billalexdevin merely a sacrificial pawn?

Stumpy tries to help his fellow Chaos Spawn

Regardless after shooting the Ultramarines charged Billalexdevin and rolled a tonne of dice I believe because of a rule called “Shock Assault” and killed him taking an objective away from me and scoring a big 30 victory points and jumping out to the early lead.

Death Guard Turn Two

After some more maneuvering with my blisteringly fast forces McFly attempted to manifest a psychic power but I rolled a three. I did not use a re-roll but tried to cast another psychic power and rolled snake eyes. Bill was amused especially after I explained why I saved my command points until I really needed them. As a result my Plaguecaster did not suffer a perils of the warp attack and actually did a mortal wound on an Ultramarine.

Of course Bill used Transhuman Physiology which saved an Ultramarine from Boris as he had one of the few guns that would wound on a two or a three. After the death of Billalexdevin, Stumpy of course charged the Ultramarines who overwatched and hit and wounded twice. As Chaos Spawn only have a 5+ armor save I needed to roll boxcars to survive, so I did.

It was all academic because shock assault is so good and the Ultramarines tried to kill another chaos spawn in hand to hand. Eventually they will get the Grandfather’s blessing but it is too early in the campaign for that right now.

Battle Round Three

At some point we adjusted the score so to start turn three, for those wondering, the score should have been 40 for the Ultramarines and 30 for the Death Guard. I thought I should have scored 20 in my turn three but Bill decided I actually should have scored 20 in my turn two, so that is what the official record will now say.

The Ultramarines reinforce their left flank

Although I didn’t make a note, I did take a picture and I believe his reinforcements arrived this turn, but because of our small table and the special rules he couldn’t appear within 12 inches of me so he ended up on the Death Guard right flank right where I had to worry about knocking his models over with my elbow. And even though I originally thought Stumpy died last turn I also wrote that the super scouts fell back and re-engaged.

Many shots were actually directed at poor Stumpy and despite being power level one, the least powerful possible unit in the game, Bill used basically half his army to kill him and Billalexdevin. Also it should be noted two units dug in Battle Round one so I guess it was most of half his army for three turns to kill two spawn.

Despite the legendary status of my Chaos Spawn what Bill really wanted to kill was Boris the Defiler and the mega meltas lined him up but only did a few wounds, which in hindsight I could have healed over time but forgot. Apparently that is now a standard rule for daemon engines in the new Chaos Codex.

Ill-fated Ultramarine charge

The Ultramarines also decided to charge the Blightlords. I of course declared I would use overwatch but there was some debate over how many of my models could fire because of the terrain, in the end I think it was ruled just the Plague Spewer could because I had him on point and he managed to kill 1.5 models. The Right Hard Posse would go on to kill two more in H2H taking zero wounds, they really are elite troops and I should use them in most every game of the campaign going forward.

A couple cultists must have died to Ultramarine shooting I think the ATV may have shot at them or just some regular bolter or bolter rifle guys, but due to rolling a two and the inspiring leadership of McFly it was decided they passed morale, but we probably forgot about that -1 twist, but we remember I would get to re-roll if I did fail, so maybe I passed on merit.

Death Guard Turn Three

Now that they were on the board, there was no doubt who was public enemy number one. I generally moved forward most every turn but at the plodding Death Guard pace. However McFly was able to see and thus Smite a melta gunner. Boris also shot all his gun every turn with varying success, if I built a Defiler for this edition, and I probably will for my non-Nurgle Chaos Space Marines, I’d arm him differently but as it is he killed the Eradicators which maybe had been squad Typhon.

Not to be left out the Right Hard Posse which historically has been how I got a gun that could shoot over 24 inches now seems to be more dangerous in melee but despite that they killed squad Odino with their guns. This would result in a score for the curious of 50-40 for the Ultramarines heading into the fourth battle round. In this mission it is pretty hard to score over 10 VP a turn, you have to basically take an objective from your opponent in their deployment zone.

The reason I got 20 in turn two is the Blightlords now have Objective Secured and although on the other side of the ruin they eventually got close enough to the objective on my left flank especially after the super scouts withdrew only to charge back in and die. So whether I got 20 VP in turn two or three the score at this point in time would be the same.

Battle Round Four

The ATV roared forward to draw a bead on the surviving cultists huddled behind a wall but crucially within three inches of an objective. I also noted that Bill killed a Blightlord, this one I probably forgot to roll Grizzled, their battle honour for, the other thing I forgot most of the game was contagion, despite moving the dial every turn, I think I need to stick that dial right in front of me, maybe wear it around my neck on a chain.

Live Fast Die Blue

Death Guard Turn Four

Little known fact, after the ATV got all cute and charged McFly through a wall, Boris crawled over and crushed it. McFly is actually pretty good in H2H, he gets less attacks at a lower weapon skill than Maceo but his stick is a plague weapon and does multiple wounds. Now that I’ve played a few games of this edition, weapons that do more than one damage seem really valuable. The fact that heavy bolters do two wounds and autocannons even the reaper autocannon does not is odd. Maybe the new-fangled chain gun is good or whatever the Maulerfiends have, I’ll definitely be adding anti-armour and higher damaged weapons to my army as this campaign goes on.

The battlefield as the fifth battle round begins

Battle Round Five

Some more stuff obviously happened in the previous battle round, I wrote something down but it is illegible. I also think I cast Miasma of Pestilence on the Scarlet Fevers because on the small squads used by the Ultramarines, Plague Wind isn’t that great. I will probably field a lot of junior psychers in the new Chaos Codex.

Bill did a lot of math and consulting the rules to start this turn. I assured him even if I could not win, I wanted to roll some dice. But as he had a 10 VP lead I needed to take an objective from him, the one held by three Ultramarines in the bottom right corner, my right flank his left. I had carefully strung out my Blightlords but a lot would be riding on the Scarlet Fevers making an advanced roll and surviving and somehow outnumbering the Ultramarines.

Captain Snazzy Pants had done little but dig in the dirt and make it the tactical doctrine. He is not toughness eight, but somehow he has multiple relics and is actually very tough to kill and rolls a lot of attacks in H2H, I assured Bill Maceo would fight him to advance the narrative so he rushed forward.

Just because I stopped mentioning it the fact remains, I still had not rolled a six to get a single CP back. I should get potentially 11 chances per game if I remember so figure three games that is 25 or so consecutive non-sixes. I actually had four CP or so to start the this battle round, I like to save mine until I need them and the climactic H2H fight has started. I did use Plague Brewers several times during this game and it did nothing, so perhaps the Chosen Sons are not the best plague company but I’m not giving up on them now, I’m a ride till I die kinda guy or at least until this campaign ends.

Captain Snazzy Pants not only moved forward he likely made a big charge roll into the Blight Lords but I heroically intervened of course. The Gravis Captain has so many rules, he has a power sword which is actually now a relic plus a power fist, plus I think he used Gene-Wrought Might and it was probably Shock Assault and some favourable doctrine. Bill also decided to split his attacks four into the Blight Lords and four into Maceo this was just fine with me, they both have 4+ invulnerable to his surprise.

One Blightlord died but Captain Snazzy Pants took six wounds in return so maybe he miscalculated.

Warlord versus Warlord as the Gods Laugh

Death Guard Turn Five

The crucial fourth objective

Bill was very concerned this turn about my ability to actually win the game I assured him I had a plan and dutifully advanced the Scarlet Fevers. They need to roll at least a five it was determined to make it interesting and they did.

The Nurgle Renegade with a heavy weapon really has a heavy weapon, I’m counting it as the Plague Spewer, so if he had the regular assault plague flamer I would have been better off, but McFly and Boris can kill one or two Ultramarines right?

Before any of that on the right flank I actually used Release the Toxins in the command phase. I always want to use this but only Maceo can and he often dies or I forget, I didn’t roll the greatest and there was only one Ultramarine within range but Captain Snazzy Pants took another wound. I kept insisting to Bill, about how I would kill Lord Godrick the big Chaos Knight that joined our campaign, was going to be mortal wounds all the special rules in the world wouldn’t save him from that.

Of course I shot at the Ultramarines I think I even killed one which is pretty poor when you consider I also had the psychic phase and the three heavy weapons on the Defiler. But McFly could charge, so I promptly rolled a five. But I had saved my last command point so we got out one of my measuring sticks and it was determined I needed at least an eight, so I re-rolled and got an eight!

I rolled first then measured, then re-rolled exactly enough.

McFly fights first as the charger and beat down an Ultramarine with his stick. Next up was Captain Snazzy Pants who had learned his lesson and put all his attacks into Maceo. Three got through and of course I failed all three of the saving throws and died. Maceo is just not that great of a Chaos Lord, I won’t be surprised if he does turn into a spawn, he just does not seem to be able to come through in H2H against the other warlords and tough models in the campaign.

Of course the Blightlords get three attacks each and four for the champ and they easily killed the Ultramarine Captain.

Post Game

So despite Maceo’s failure and because I rolled a five on a single die and after a re-roll, an eight on two dice and because there was actually another bonus 10 VP for holding an objective in your opponent’s deployment zone I didn’t even know about, the final score became 90-80 for the Death Guard. Take that math!

This was one of my more successful games as with the exception of Maceo failing to kill Captain Snazzy Pants and advancing the narrative and earn his third chaos boon via the Path to Glory requisition an option I’d kept secret until now… things went according to plan.

Stumpy picked up a battle scar so of course I gave him “Walking Wounded”. Boris and the Blightlords killed the most units but I gave MVP to the Scarlet Fevers as it would get them to six and their first battle honour. Then not wanting every squad to be the same and because it fit the narrative I gave them Fleet of Foot.

If you have thoughts on my brilliant tactics and superior army selection you can leave them below. If you would rather talk about the new Chaos Codex or how boring Ultramarines are, I’ll also allow that.

40K Narrative Campaign Week 10

Once again the fighting intensified in the Pariah Nexus with the forces of Chaos facing off against the forces of Chaos…

Once again the fighting intensified in the Pariah Nexus with the forces of Chaos facing off against the forces of Chaos and the forces of the Imperium fighting the forces of the Imperium. Why were these objectives so important that the Death Guard would fight the Chaos Knights and the Ultramarines would fight the Sisters of Battle and why was a third battle fought between the forces of Lord Godrick and Captain Snazzypants? Some mysteries are better left unsolved but if you want to read another Warhammer 40,000 narrative campaign battle report, you’ve come to the right place.

Summer has arrived in Alberta and people have plans and commitments off the 40K gaming table, if those commitments are another miniature wargame who am I to judge. This week’s games almost didn’t happen and for the next two weeks Bill our somewhat fearless leader will not be able to participate so some bonus games like the one played this week between Aiden and Bill may happen or we just may not meet for two whole weeks so we can get some serious painting done.

In the real world I have never played Aiden in a game of Warhammer 40,000 whereas Daniel had played him many times, hence the Chaos on Chaos crime. Aiden joined our campaign late so he wanted to get in an extra game so Bill played against him while Daniel and I watched and heckled. The record should clearly show that Bill did not win a game or Warhammer 40,000 this day, but I bought everyone nachos afterwords so were there any losers this Saturday afternoon?

The Forces of the Diseased Sons

Once again I chose my 40 PL after last week’s game and once again I did not know my opponent or the mission. My opponent turned out to be Chaos Knights one bigger one known as Lord Goderick and two littler ones known as Watchmaester Vyke and Gatekeeper Gostoc. I like the fact that everyone had a name and I wrote them down right away to make our story more engaging. My army was as follows:

  • Maceo the Maligned, Chaos Lord of Nurgle 5 PL
  • McFly the Malevolent, Malignant Plaguecaster 5 PL
  • The Scarlet Fevers, five plague marines 6 PL
  • The Cancer Cell, ten chaos cultists 3 PL
  • Rhino with havoc launcher 4 PL
  • Toe Jam, Hellbrute 7 PL
  • The Right Hard Posse, five Blightlord Terminators 10 PL

I probably should have tried harder to make room for my terminators earlier as it stands they just had a single game. They have a gun that shoots over 24 inches, three wounds each but they are old and not optimally armed for 9th Edition, but I will get them some experience and battle traits and that might make up for it. I also had Toe Jam who is damaged and tends to die quickly without doing much, both contributed this game, but there can only be one unit marked for greatness.

The Mission, Deployment, and Everything

Aiden and Daniel arrived first so they set up two tables or one and half tables, but Aiden and I were both ready with army lists, though the mission was a surprise, it was “Dominate the Field”. So I set up the four objectives in the designated position. We forgot the affliction but otherwise Aiden and I did a good job remembering the rules and keeping score accurately and our game ended first.

The goal of this mission was to control objectives, the fact they were in set positions and you got extra points for taking them away from the enemy made for a bloody affair and only two models remained standing at the end of the game.

Against my better judgement I took “Turn their Hope to Rot” knowing I would have to kill the big knight, spoiler alert I did not succeed at this agenda as this was mine and eventually Bill’s first game against Chaos Knights. I actually acquired the book last week, but I’ve yet to even take it out of the shrink wrap, I’m just too busy at work. But my three year plan includes a centrepiece model, so now I’m considering a Chaos Knight as that big intimidating model to put in the miniature case. Enthusiasm is still high in our campaign so it will go onwards through the Chaos Space Marine codex with some even talking of starting a different force either instead of, or in addition to the one they’ve used so far.

My second agenda after that tangent was “Priority Target” this was a much better chosen agenda because every unit in Aiden’s army was a vehicle but killing the big knight going forward will be a challenge and I will need more higher strength guns and have already chosen my 40 PL force for next week.

I can not remember who got to choose sides, but I believe it was me. I often just stay with the side of the battlefield I’m on to speed up the game, but my army wasn’t even out of the case and I didn’t even exactly remember what I’d chosen but I generally deploy my cheapest units first and in this case that was the cultists. Lord Godrick was deployed last with the Gatekeeper deployed before the Watchmaester. There were no fancy Aeldari Ranger guns but none-the-less I put Toe Jam behind a building and even the rhino I tried to get in cover, but it turned out to be all for not, as after five consecutive ties I won the roll-off and chose to take the first turn!

The Diseased Sons and Chaos Knights deployed

Battle Round One

I’m so used to not getting first turn, it took me six rolls of the dice to get it. Aiden commented my army looked small but I don’t make the point costs and my most powerful unit was waiting to teleport in. I moved most every model. Toe Jam has enhanced engines which Aiden was playing wrong it is two inches of extra movement so he moved at maximum speed to line up a shot on a war dog.

Even though it was my agenda to kill the largest knight I decided to try and get the war dog off the objective so everything I could throw at the smallest knight I did, this meant my cultists, the rhino and both my characters advanced towards it. The Scarlet Fevers may have shuffled their feet but it turned out they were out of range and they are just not as shooty as Syphilis, but my commitment to not making clone squads will probably last for the duration of the campaign.

Toe Jam’s Snake Eyes

Generally during this game I remembered the rules, I even took time to shuffle through my stratagems at one point looking for some Hail Mary but the best stratagems cost more than a single command point. But early in the game I did not use any much to Aiden’s surprise. I did remember to cast Miasma of Pestilence or at least try, I may have failed.

My shooting was not overwhelming, Toe Jam with my most powerful weapons promptly rolled snake eyes for his twin-linked lascannons so I did use a re-roll there and yes my streak of not being able to roll a six to get it back continued for another entire game. This one in six chance has failed way more than six times in a row…

But after all my shooting not a single knight was dead but they may have been angry as Lord Godrick roared forward, this is when I explained that enhanced engines was plus two to movement and then an additional one inch to your advance and charge roll. Lord Godrick has one big gun and one little gun but he gets all kinds of re-rolls and even prevents you from getting re-rolls or even hitting him with anything but a 4+ later in the game and considering how much I rely on auras and plague weapons this wasn’t good news.

The Chaos Knights close the distance

His laser destructor hit Toe Jam but even though, due to his battle scar, he instantly took a mortal wound Toe Jam survived with a single wound. Aiden almost used a re-roll on his damage roll but benevolently gave Toe Jam another turn of life. The Defiler is definitely better, more than two PL better in my opinion.

The Cancer Cell did not survive. Lord Godrick shot his heavy stubber at them killing two, but then the next knight, the Gatekeeper eliminated them entirely. The Rhino was the target of the third knight it has two Avenger Autocannons and rolls a lot of dice. Again the knights generally get to re-roll a hit and a wound every turn due to a house rule. The rhino ended up taking five wounds and Aiden tried to claim rhinos are disgustingly resilient and got out my book, I’m still not sure they are, what say you Internet?

The Gatekeeper tried to charge but failed twice.

In this mission you could score in the first turn because it didn’t say you couldn’t using Bill/Daniel logic so the Diseased Sons got 20 but the Chaos Knights only got ten victory points in Battle Round One as they controlled a lone objective.

Battle Round Two

I started my turn out by moving forward my two now exposed characters. I also moved the rhino closer to the objective to ensure control. Toe Jam may have also adjusted his line of sight. His BS/WS doesn’t degrade but the Knights do. I also teleported in the Right Hard Posse and they would play a large part in the game and justify why I included them in my starting 50 PL and why I’ll need to invest some time and energy optimizing them.

Sometimes I write lots of notes, sometimes I write a single word like “Smite” so yes I repeatedly tried to cast Smite on the Knights, Plague Wind was considerably less useful against them. I may add a second psycher as the campaign goes on. Shooting was not uneventful, the Reaper Autocannon did four wounds then the rapid firing combi-bolters even did one. This left the Gatekeeper at one wound so I decide to try and finish him off in H2H and had Toe Jam fire at the Watchmaester doing only a single wound. This configuration just does feel optimal in 9th Edition maybe I should add Blastmarker Billy.

Maceo and McFly confront the Gatekeeper

Lord Godrick was now in range of my plasma gun so the Scarlet Fevers actually did a wound to the big knight, but then Aiden informed me it healed four per turn, which isn’t true I think it heals D3 so to really damage it you need to do at least four wounds in a turn, so lone pot shots won’t get it done.

Maceo declared his charge, McFly and the Right Hard Posse also declared their charge but it was Maceo who got to strike first and he promptly pasted the Knight.

To start his half of the turn Aiden used something known as “the leash”. I was paying attention and had read online how it was popular so I played Cloud of Flies on my Blightlords. Aiden may not have even intended to shoot at them so that was a big four command points I could have used for something more offensive. Of course the streak of not getting any command points back continued.

The Chaos Knights start turn two

As he was now the closest model to the Watchmaester Maceo promptly took four wounds, disgustingly resilient likely helped but notably Chaos Lords have five wounds and Maceo would not take anymore for a considerable period of time.

A heavy stubber was directed Toe Jam’s way but he too survived though I had to use a command re-roll perhaps Aiden was being too cute or he was just underestimating how disgustingly resilient the Diseased Sons are. The rhino was not so lucky it took the laster destructor blast.

Lord Godrick was not finished he rolled a massive charge roll and promptly crushed Toe Jam in melee then due to his size and positioning was within three inches of the objective on my right flank. This gained the Chaos Knights a big thirty victory points and the score was now 40-30 for the Knights.

Chaos Knight on Chaos Hellbrute crime

Battle Round Three

Of course I moved some models, but I also used Smite on Godrick doing three mortal wounds. A second psycher that moves faster has a lot of appeal as with all these high toughness models in the campaign now, one way I can potentially deal with them is via mortal wounds. The Death Guard have a number of ways to deal mortal wounds, but dealing them from outside charge range is nice.

Only hitting on 4+ sucked

I also cast Miasma of Pestilence on the Right Hard Posse this is much more affordable than Cloud of Flies. Maceo adjusted his weapon, supercharged his combi-plasma and did four wounds to the Watchmaester. Then he charged but the Chaos Knight used overwatch and I had to save three autocannon shots and possibly four more heavy stubber shots but I did it, Maceo went on quite a streak as the funk got stronger. He only did one wound but he did infect the Watchmaester and this means a lot more after last game and something I’ll have to plan to leverage better.

Maceo was feeling chuffed as the British say and was stuck in as the Chaos Knights started their turn. Godrick healed two more wounds and shooting must have been uneventful as the next thing I wrote down is Godrick charged the Scarlet Fevers. Of course I used overwatch and after some thinking used the Plague Brewers stratagem. But then I rolled only a single shot for my Plague Spewer. The Plasma Gunner also hit on supercharge, so does he just die or take a single Mortal Wound Internet?

Aiden said he died, but I swear last week it was just a single wound that was taken. It might not have mattered as Lord Godrick did a lot of wounds in H2H and Killious Bilious the Silliest never even got to use his power fist. The extra models definitely help but 12 PL is a lot to fit in a 40 PL game.

Lord Godrick looms over the Scarlet Fevers

On the other flank Maceo got to strike and he killed the Watchmaester. But apparently the Chaos Knights have a strategem where he can come back to life, it isn’t automatic though kids, it is on a 4+. But of course it happens so the Watchmaester was back with three wounds (I think) and no longer in melee, it was looking bad for Maceo the Knight Slayer.

Battle Round Four

Most every model I have maneuvers towards the knights. Of course I Smite Godrick and do a single wound. I believe I split my fire with the Right Hard Posse. Their combi-flamer did a single wound to the Watchmaester, I should have shot the bolter barrels I think I always should as the flamer part always hits. I forget sometimes you can fire both barrels in 9th Edition. The combi-bolters in the squad also did a wound. However the Reaper Autocannon which was likely aimed at Godrick failed to wound.

This game was close a few more better rolls…

Several of my photos are of dice or have dice in them there was definitely some swings in luck this game. Did I mention I could never roll a single six to get back a command point this paragraph? Maceo’s gun was working and he did a wound to the Watchmaester and of course he charged. This time however overwatch was too much and his last wound was taken, but killing two Chaos Knights in melee with your Chaos Lord is good sledding. This also shows how tough that Wraithlord is to kill, Aiden can confirm this.

In the Chaos Knight half of the turn Lord Godrick shot at the Right Hard Posse. I failed an invulnerable save and lost a model. The Watchmaester accomplished nothing with his compromised shooting. Of course Lord Godrick charges McFly and pastes him. Killing the larger knight is definitely a challenge, my hope may have started to turn to rot at this point but I did not yield.

Battle Round Five

I was worried my notes were going to let me down, but I did move the terminators towards Lord Godrick, but I turned some of them so they marched backwards as I split my fire using two guns on the Watchmaester and two on Godrick. It was Osteoporosis the Old School who did the deed killing the Watchmaester for the second time.

The score was 90 to 40 going into this turn so technically I could not win, but if the knights did not count as multiple models I would have. But as it was I still accomplished a lot this game, for instance the Plague Spewer did another wound to Lord Godrick and I charged.

This is where my dice grew even crueler, the rule where my 3+ to hit becomes a 4+ and my ability to re-roll plague weapon wounds goes away resulted in the terminators doing only a single wound. Apparently the rule is called Bale of Shadows or apparently not Aiden. I own this codex so that does not bode well for our next game…

Lord Godrick did five wounds, but I passed morale as they have leadership nine on the champion. They also have objective secured now and that meant I got thirty victory points which made the score a lot closer especially as Lord Godrick withdrew from combat then charged back in. I played Overwatch lacking the second command point to play Hateful Assault during my turn. Lord Godrick killed another terminator and of course I failed to do anything but the game was over.

The final score was 90-70 for the Chaos Knights and considering the beating they may have put on the Ultramarines a few minutes later I think that is respectable. This was my first game against Chaos Knights and my army is notoriously not good at killing high toughness large models and vehicles so Knights or any large model heavy army is my worst matchup. But this is a new edition to me and as I learn the rules more and enhance my campaign force I think I can do better.

Osteoporosis fights Lord Godrick to a draw

Post Mortem

So in the end it was another loss but Maceo killed two knights getting extra experience for the one that stayed dead. The Right Hard Posse also got extra experience for re-killing the Watchmaester but Lord Godrick proved a bit too tough. I think you need to get to him early before that rule where you need a 4+ to hit and can’t re-roll kicks in.

Maceo rolled a one and picked up a scar but I immediately used a requisition point to remove it. He may not be the best Chaos Lord but he is my Chaos Lord until he turns into a spawn or a Daemon Prince. Afterwards at the pub there was talk of resetting the campaign to allow new armies to join, but it is still early in my opinion. I marked the Right Hard Posse for greatness so they got their first battle trait. I gave them Grizzled to lean into their Right Hardness harder.

More importantly McFly picked up his second battle honour and now that I know the rules better I used it on the Conversion Field relic. This gives him an unmodified save and now he may prove more of a threat to Lord Godrick or anything really, he actually does a lot of wounds, he just can’t take many hard hits.

The campaign will officially be on hiatus but who is to say there can’t be a small skirmish or two in the Pariah Nexus while the Ultramarines are distracted. If you have thoughts on the new Chaos Knight codex, how it can fit into a Death Guard or CSM army or even if you have a clever way to kill toughness eight models with a plethora of special rules you can leave a comment below.

40K Narrative Campaign Week 9

It was another busy week in the Pariah Nexus with the Aeldari facing off against the Death Guard…

It was another busy week in the Pariah Nexus with the <insert Bill’s favourite adjective> Aeldari facing off against the Death Guard while the Ultramarines fought the Alpha Legion. It was also a busy week in the real world with work becoming perhaps more contentious as our project drags on and our team gets smaller plus something known as the Battle of Alberta is happening again for the first time since 1991. Hands up who remembers 1991?

I took my share of notes and pictures but as you guess hockey and work got in the way of typing out this battle report. I also had to deal with other real world concerns like flooding and dentists. But I don’t get paid the big bucks to blog about work, hockey, flooding, or dentists people want to read about Bagonthehead the Unbearable and the newest figure to emerge from the shadows and sporting his vintage 2009 paint job Killious Bilious the Silliest.


So the mission is one from a book Bill owns. I read it two weeks ago, I even though about how I might deal with the mission with the army I selected two weeks ago, then two weeks ago almost three now, we played a completely different mission. I also pre-selected a completely different force as I wanted to try out the Scarlet Fevers who are the most similar to Syphilis my most successful unit in the campaign so far.

The ritual is complete!

The monstrous monuments that had prevented travel into the Pariah Nexus will now allow stable warp-travel into the Nexus.

Enemy forces are now racing into the anomaly to plunder the region.

You must investigate the Nexus and retrieve as much intelligence as possible. Vile traitors, as well as perfidious aliens may have information that could prove useful. Likewise, your forces have critical information and must be protected.

Intercepted Imperial Transmission

I think the mission is called “Crucial Intelligence” and it was actually fairly complicated and I ended up focussing on my agendas and I got sucked into trying to kill the Wraithlord again. It isn’t a regular Wraithlord, it has grown bloated with power from the souls of the vanquished or something like that.

If you own the correct book you can read “Crucial Intelligence” but if you don’t basically you have data, you need to protect your data, kill the enemy with data and if you can transfer your data to your Warlord would be even better. I was facing the top army in our campaign the Aeldari so I concentrated on completing at least one of my agendas and I also killed a fair number of Eldar, just not enough. I think I even got the Wraithlord down to one wound but the Fates were probably manipulated yet again and it got better.

The Forces of the Diseased Sons

I definitely wanted a gun that can shoot over 24 inches even before I knew I was playing the Aeldari I chose to bring Boris the Defiler. He just doesn’t seem as hard to kill as the Wraithlord. My other heavy weapon options are the Rhino with the Havoc Launcher which isn’t really a threat and Toejam my unlucky Hellbrute. I also have my Blightlords and they will be making an appearance next game me thinks. Anyway this was the 40 PL force I used in Week 9 of our Warhammer 40,000 Narrative Campaign:

  • Maceo the Maligned, Chaos Lord of Nurgle, 5 PL
  • McFly the Malevolent, Malignant Plaguecaster, 5 PL
  • Syphilis Squad, 10 Plague Marines, 12 PL
  • The Scarlet Fevers, 5 Plague Marines, 6 PL
  • The Cancer Cell, 10 Chaos Cultists, 3 PL
  • Boris the Defiler, 9 PL

Setting up for the Battle

We had two tables and four players this week. But some keeners want to get in extra games or makeup games, so there may have been more battles in the Pariah Nexus this week than just two, but I’m mainly writing about the one I took part in. I set up the table, again before knowing the mission or my opponent. Technically I knew the most likely mission, but it was the most likely mission last week too.

The battlefield, I ended up on the left side of this picture

I think I volunteered to wait for and fight Alex’s Aeldari. He had a Farseer, a Wraithlord, the accursed Rangers, two squads of Guardians and it turns out the most powerful Aeldari unit was the Banshees. I chose the agenda “Turn their Hope into Rot” which meant I had to kill the Banshees. I also took the agenda “Survivor: Syphilis” which went well the two previous times I tried it.

Alex won the roll to be the Attacker and got to choose which side he felt was the best. I won the roll to go first and chose to take first turn. Let’s see how good my notes and photos are now almost a week later.


Etsy purchases

As the Attacker he had to deploy the first unit. I did not have my Chaos Spawn to draw out the opposition, so it turns out I was outnumbered both by models and units. The Aeldari were also more powerful in Campaign Points so I got an extra Command Point and used my snazzy new Death Guard plastic icons I got off of Etsy.

I think the first unit the Aeldari deployed would have been the Guardians on what would be my right flank. I deployed my cultists first in my centre. They don’t really have a purpose in my army other than to be cheap screening troops but against the Aeldari Rangers you want to hide behind something solid. I basically deploy my least powerful units first so the Scarlet Fevers were next on my right flank after the second big unit of Guardians were deployed.

Eventually the Banshees showed up in the middle of the Aeldari line, so I made sure Boris had a good line of sight to them. I also split Maceo and McFly up with Maceo who is supposed to be good in H2H hiding behind Boris and away from the Rangers and McFly behind an entire building but supporting Syphilis who got an elevated firing position, but they need to move forward, twenty-four inches isn’t devastating enough to use them as Devastators.

The deployed forces, the Diseased Sons are now on the right side

Battle Round One

My right flank and centre maneuvered forward

On my right flank I push my forces forward as I’m eager to see what the power fist will actually do in H2H. Previously I didn’t like the idea of -1 to hit but given all the high toughness models in the campaign I decided to bring another overly armed champion, but honestly Bagonhead has done the best because he can kill stuff in the shooting phase, not Germie the Overly-prepared.

Maceo and Boris pushed forward. There was a “twist” or an “affliction” that was randomly determined for this mission, it only affected Boris as that was the only vehicle in the game. So he could shoot 6 inches less and move 3 inches less. The Cancer Cell actually moved forward too, this may have been a mistake, but if they don’t have an objective to sit on and I didn’t give them any data, they are even more disposable. I will try adding ten more models to the squad eventually, but I paint slow.

The only units not to move were Syphilis and McFly. Syphilis already had the best firing position on the board and McFly wanted to deny the Rangers an easy kill. The Aeldari chose an agenda where they had to kill my warlord, so Maceo’s enthusiasm for H2H may have been misplaced. Overall this game I did better remembering rules, even random rules like the affliction, but I could have deployed better and tried harder to win or at least deny Alex points in hindsight.

In the psychic phase I remembered to cast Miasma of Pestilence. Previously I spent a lot of effort to keep the cultists alive but now I generally cast my defensive psychic power on my best unit, in this case Syphilis.

After the psychic phase comes shooting and the Scarlet Fevers killed two Guardians. The Fates may have been invoked as Boris only managed to kill two Banshees. The Cancer Cell actually killed a Guardian, they seem to shoot better than they fight which is the opposite of what I thought would happen, but their one Battle Trait is plus one to shooting so that has to add up over time.

The Aeldari advance in the centre

During the Aeldari half of the round they too push forward and they transferred data. In order to transfer data you must not shoot, so since I had first turn, no way was I waisting any of my meagre firepower. The Farseer is very active in the psychic phase, I don’t know if he is special but he can cast three powers and I believe because of his Craftworld if he rolls a 9+ it can’t be denied. None-the-less he failed to cast Doom even after using a command re-roll.

Doom really does hurt over time, but he did get off Guide and Fortune this round, however Syphilis proved unwoundable by the Guardians opposite them. I think that squad had a Brightlance. The Rangers did better they managed to kill two members of Syphilis Squad. On my right flank the guided Brightlances did ten wounds to Boris even though I used my Foul Smokescreen.

Aeldari Banshees versus Chaos Cultists

In the Melee phase the Banshees must have charged this is why moving the cultists forward may have been a poor decision. I was going to use my flamer on Overwatch but Alex remembered I could not due to their masks. They basically butchered the Cultists.

In this mission you can score points on the first turn so the score was 10-0 for the Aeldari due to transferring data from the Guardians to the Farseer.

Battle Round Two

Not that I forgot during Battle Round One, but I decided to start Battle Round Two off with a Blight Bombardment. I definitely think it is a better deal at 2 CP but I don’t have a Lord of Virulence, I’m awaiting Maceo’s fate. In the movement phase I generally continued my previous course, but McFly came out from the shadows.

Plague Wind was cast on the Banshees, they perhaps had Fortune but they were public enemy and agenda objective number one, so despite having some save agains Mortal Wounds they didn’t make it. Smite however was denied by the Farseer.

I try to start shooting on one flank and go across the board so the Scarlet Fevers opened up with their lone plasma gun doing a single wound to the Wraithlord. Their heavy plague flamer may have done nothing, I still have hope for that Plague Marine option. Boris however did three wounds on the Wraithlord but it would again prove extremely difficult to kill. Guardians however are easier to kill and Syphilis removed many who thought it was a good idea to get within 24 inches of them.

The Howling Banshee Exarch is now alone

After seeing the cultists get butchered in a single charge, McFly was not deterred. His first charge roll was not high so I re-rolled and promptly killed a Howling Banshee. McFly did take a wound, but then he shrugged it off because he is Revolting Resilient. The Howling Banshees then failed their morale test twice. The Guardians also failed their morale and the last of them fled right off the board. This denies me experience points as well as victory points under our current interpretation of the rules.

In the Aeldari half of the round the Banshee Exarch who was now all alone decided to Fall Back. After his charge McFly was in range to deny Doom but he was also all alone so of course the Rangers can target him but he survives!

The Aledari charge, I played Overwatch of course but it did nothing. The Howling Banshee Exarch and the Wraithlord both charged Plague Marine squads. The rusty knives do their thing wounding the Wraithlord and killing the Exarch so despite the score being 20-0 I was not overly concerned. I had achieved one agenda and I planned to charge in Maceo after all he has two Chaos Boons, another battle trait and he’s a plague carrier…

Missing from my notes are two facts, Boris definitely died due to Aeldari shooting and every time I needed to roll a six to get a command point back, I failed. This isn’t an exaggeration every single time this game and the game before, so basically I’ve gained zero benefit from this battle trait. This fact amused Alex because I remembered the rule but got no benefit from it.

Battle Round Three I presume

Battle Round Three

McFly was alive and the Banshees were not, neither were the Guardians who dared oppose him, but the Wraithlord had reached my lines so he hustled to the right. A more mobile sorcerer would be nice and is something I may add to my army or the campaign as it goes on. Despite my enthusiasm to kill the Wraithlord Smite was denied.

Maceo did a wound after charging in. For future reference Power Maul and Combi-plasma is not the optimal armament for a Chaos Lord of Nurgle in the 9th Edition of Warhammer 40,000. Even with two boons doing one wound at a time is not the way to kill the Wraithlord and Maceo was dispatched. None-the-less the Wraithlord was now badly wounded because I Erupted in Filth!

The Wraithlord lives?

It was all down to the Scarlet Fevers and Killious Bilious the Silliest’s power fist. Alas it was not meant to be, though it would have been cinematic and helped the narrative Bill.

To start their turn after maybe moving a bit the Farseer Smited McFly who failed to deny it. The Rangers fired at Syphilis and the Wraitlord flipped a switch on his sword or whatever and killed the Scarlet Fevers.

So in the space of one turn I went from feeling pretty good to having Maceo get pasted, McFly get Smited, and the Scarlet Fevers with their fancy new power fist gets sliced and diced by the Wraithlord who continues to grow more bloated with power. Are we sure he doesn’t worship Nurgle, toughness eight, which yes I remember to reduce via my contagion.

Syphilis Defiant

Battle Round Four

The game was basically over the score was 30-0 but worse half of my army disappeared with the Wraithlord killing Boris at 9 PL, the Scarlet Fevers at 6 PL, and Maceo who is 5 PL. The Farseer and Guardians may have helped a tiny bit but basically that one model wiped out an entire flank. I blame the other people in the campaign for feeding him easy kills, because the record will clearly show Bagonhead did kill the Wraithlord and several other Aeldari units singlehandedly.

Bagonhead and Syphilis give no Quarter

So how is our hero doing snug in his tower? OK, the Aeldari have guns with greater range so in order to maximize their firepower they shoot at the tough to kill in cover Rangers doing a wound.

In the Aeldari turn the Rangers return fire killing Bagonhead who was the last Diseased Son on the battle field. The Farseer of course had Doomed them and possibly Smited them too.

Post Game

I really need to take time during the next game to write my notes more legibly. But the short answer is I lost and every unit of mine died. If you look the pile of dead Aeldari, it is non-trivial and the Wraithlord was reduced to a single wound but then either the Fates or a Stratagem or perhaps a Battle Trait healed him.

Syphilis did not survive but they killed the Howling Banshee Exarch so they earned extra experience and more importantly a virulence point. I made McFly my MVP but not one of my units earned a new battle trait, but I made up for my inability to roll a key six by not rolling a one seven consecutive times so no new battle scars were taken. With my hard earned virulence point I modified my plague rolling a five making it “diseased”.

I just consulted my notes and now after I hit a model/unit in Melee with either McFly or Maceo they’ll become infected and then plague weapons will autowound on a natural roll of six to hit. I don’t know if that will tilt the entire campaign in my favour or if it was worth taking a beating for, but hopefully I remember this as Maceo needs to get into H2H but clearly not against Wraithlords.

More, More, More!

This was another busy week in Calgary. Besides work there was hockey and besides that there was flooding. The next game of the Battle of Alberta is tonight and the next game of our campaign is tomorrow. I have chosen my top secret army list, but I may have alluded to units I planned to take.

This week there was not any painting done. It took me until Friday night almost a week after the game to write this all out. But I did put some paint on bases and and skulls. As you can see below I adjusted my technique.

Skulls on a Stick

This time I used poster putty to stick the skulls and Nurglings to a piece of square wood I bought. It still isn’t a perfect technique as when you take the skulls off the putty, some of the putty and paint has mixed, so the best option is gluing the skulls to the base before priming, but I’m rebasing literally one hundred Plague Marines or more so I’m not stripping them first.

If you follow me on Flickr or frequent the Bolter and Chainsword you would know some of this. As it is I’ll embed a finished model photo below. If you have thoughts on how to kill Wraithlords or what is the optimal Plague Marine squad you can leave a comment below.

Plague Marine Champion
Powerfist and Plasma Pistol Plague Marine Champion

40K Narrative Campaign Week 8

After a one week hiatus the Siege of Vanithros’s Bastion continued…

After a one week hiatus the Siege of Vanithros’s Bastion continued as hard to spell as ever. I still have not seen Vanithros or his bastion, it better be epic. What I did see was more people than ever show up to play in our campaign. None of them were named Chris and none play Genestealer Cult.

Pro tip kids, if you’re going to show up and play in a Warhammer 40,000 campaign at the friendly local game store, maybe let the campaign organizer know in advance so we can book enough tables for everyone to play. So yes new players have joined the campaign, they have names: Thomas and Aiden, they have armies: Imperial Fists and Chaos Knights and yes we did reserve two tables. So with seven players it was decided the two newest players would play each other then there would be four-way game on the second table.

That four-way game took so long and involved so many phases and rules discussions a second game of 40K was played on the second table between the Eldar and the Imperial Fists before the four player game ended. The four-way game took so long even with multiple copies of all the books, I think I bought two rounds of sodas from the Sentry Box before it even started including the last can of Dr. Pepper in the entire building.

So I did get in a game of Warhammer 40,000 this weekend and I did take pages of notes and carefully keep score plus take many photos as you get a lot of time between turns in a four player game, we probably will never do it again or at least not for a while, two three-player games or reserving a third table will be the plan for next weekend, if there is a next weekend.

This week was so much work we got to the pub later than usual and didn’t have a lot of time to finish all the post game stuff, I did make a critical roll it was a red six and green one, Daniel witnessed it. And I did bust my ass painting an entire unit which debuted in this week’s campaign but typing this all up, especially turn by turn as people have grown accustomed to, will take a while. I am going to try, but if the battle reports take longer to create than the game takes to play, maybe we’re doing something wrong.

Friendly Local Game Store

So after seven weeks plus several practice weeks of Bill organizing and me documenting, people have noticed we play Warhammer 40,000. The store we play at is pretty well known at least in Western Canada. A movie was made about it, I went to the premier and I will embed the trailer below.

More Pre-Game Details

I bought the crusade book “Catastrophe” and have now taken part in all the multi-player games during this campaign. The mission we played was Opportunity Strikes and we had a 4*4 table with a fair amount of terrain. The four armies were Ultramarines, Sisters of Battle, Chaos Space Marines and of course everyone’s favourite the Death Guard. That is correct we have an equal number of Imperial players and Chaos players in our campaign. We have single Eldar player so a three-way battle should be fair.

I choose my army in advance to save time not knowing my opponent or the mission, though this week we were supposed to play a specific mission from a specific book to advance the narrative, that did not happen.

The Forces of the Diseased Sons

  • Maceo the Maligned, Chaos Lord of Nurgle 5PL
  • McFly the Malevolent, Malignant Plaguecaster 5 PL
  • The Burning Sores, 10 Plague Marines 12 PL
  • Syphilis Squad, 10 Plague Marines 12 PL
  • Rhino with Havoc Launcher, dedicated transport, 4 PL
  • Billalexdevin, Spawn of Chaos 1 PL
  • Stumpy, Spawn of Chaos 1 PL

So that was my 40 PL force, next time we do a multi-player battle we may go with a lower points total having learned our lesson concerning how long it takes, especially if you are the person who goes last. My plan was basically to get my two big squads and two characters on the board but it is far from an optimal army list. It only has a single gun that can shoot over 24 inches which turned into a big disadvantage in this mission.

Next week I’ve already picked my 40 PL army it will have more than one gun that shoots over 24 inches, apparently I need to keep learning that lesson, but the problem is in a campaign it doesn’t make sense to not increase the size of the your Plague Marine squads from 5 to 10 before they earn too much experience. I probably need some Fast Attack options other than Chaos Spawn and to bring some Elite choices or Heavy Support but I continue to bring a knife to a gun fight.

The Enemy

We didn’t spend much time explaining our armies to each other. I’ve played everyone before, so we spent most of are time trying to figure out the bidding to go first rules and the underdog and honourable versus treacherous rules. These did have a baring as there are agendas that encourage you to attack certain units based on whether you are honourable or treacherous.

The Ultramarines had three characters Captain Snazzypants in his Gravis Armour, the old guy who leans on the flag and a Librarian. Who brings a book to a gun fight? The Chaos Space Marines had a Defiler, another rhino, in fact there were three rhinos in this game only the Sisters of Battle were rhino-less but I have it on good authority a tank was bought on Saturday. Besides vehicles the Chaos Space Marine had a Lord with a Thunder Hammer, a big unit of Chosen, a smaller unit of CSM and two squads of cultists. Tricks were used to deploy and redeploy stuff ruining my pictures.

Daniel has only shown up a couple times so his army has not changed much, but it is more green/blue. He had the Sisters with the Heavy Bolters, the Sisters with the Multi-meltas, the Sisters with regular meltas, he by far had the most models, so many five model squads. He had a Canoness and maybe two more characters. He had Repentia, Sisters with spears and crucially as far as Bill was concerned not everything was painted.

A big theme of the game was the two Imperial players just assuming none of the Chaos Players could win, so they were already dividing the spoils be turn three.

This was the battlefield before I had to change corners


So before you can deploy you have to determine who goes first and before that you have to learn who the underdog is. Somehow I have the most campaign points, in fact Chaos in general had the most so the Ultramarines and Sisters both got two extra command points. Then you can use these command points to bid to go first. Once again I did not use any command points to bid and I ended up going last, next time maybe I bid, but I just don’t have an alpha-strike army.

Everyone else bid one command point, which is why I got to go last and the Ultramarines got to go first, followed by the Sisters, then the Chaos Space Marines and the slowest, least dynamic army went last, mine. So I spent much of the game sitting in the corner waiting for my turn.

So going first also got you to choose the table corner you want, so next time I may bid heavy just do get anything other than the worst corner. Also your army is divided in half so I had a green half and purple half, Daniel was quick to figure out my tricks. Alas my army isn’t optimized yet and it is probably even less optimal when divided randomly in half. Once again the green half won and got to deploy so I used my rhino as cover and put the Burning Sores in a little ruin and hid Maceo as best I could, but with no Eldar snipers life was better for Maceo.

The Forces Deployed

Mission and Agendas

The mission was basically to kill enemy units and the crucial rule is on the turn you come on if you can you kill a unit, you’ll get more points, the way to maximize your score is actually to get into the enemy deployment zone and kill stuff, this wrinkle we didn’t take advantage of, especially those of us unlucky enough to have our rhino start on the battlefield.

I have no idea now what everyone’s agenda was, I only wrote down mine. I took Turn their Hope to Rot which turned out to be me trying to kill the Chosen, a tall task at the best of time. My second agenda was “Treacherous Betrayal” which when I first read it, I thought I had a chance, but basically you need to plan your entire shooting phase around it and I just don’t have enough long range shooting for a mission like that. I will slowly add some more and when the new Chaos Codex comes out I may make an army with a lot different play style than this one.

Battle Round One

There is no seize the initiative in Warhammer 40,000 anymore so Bill’s Ultramarines were always going first. In the first negotiation phase the Sisters and Ultramarines struck a deal, but it didn’t last. There was no Chaos alliance but I made it known, unless you moved with 24 inches of me, I wouldn’t be shooting at you.

People make fun of me for writing stuff down, but if it wasn’t for my scribbles and photos these battle reports would not be nearly as accurate, for instance I wrote down “Ultras do tactical doctrine stuff”. Basically Bill can give a specific doctrine to a specific unit. The end result was the Ultramarines shooting the cultists, killing six. However in turn one of this mission you can’t score any victory points so leaving a wounded unit to kill next turn is actually beneficial.

The End of Battle Round One

Of course the multi-melta Sisters deployed opposite me, they may have had to move to get into 24 inch range, but I put the rhino down first as it is my least valuable unit in the half of my army that got to deploy. All the multi-melta shots hit doing 8 wounds. I did not pop smoke for some reason and I did not use my underdog point to buy smoke grenades. Basically going last I always got at least one underdog point.

The heavy bolter Sister killed two plague marines. Then the Sisters betrayed the Ultramarines because they are so treacherous and killed something. Finally it was my turn as the Cultists mainly hid, the heavy stubber did shoot at something but not at me. The rhino was ineffectual, it was on the lowest tier but I did move it. All my shooting turned out to be ineffectual and this with +1 to hit and re-rolling ones.

Battle Round Two

This game was so long by the time it was my turn I may have forgotten what I was going to do, besides making a cheat sheet, I also put the Stratagem I want to play on top of the deck, but sometimes I miss the exact time to play it and I still forget rules but I’m getting better. Basically in Battle Round Two you can bring on reinforcements and the trend was everyone brought everything on, but it was Battle Round Four that was the most eventful with some rulings needing to be made such as how does Grizzled or any wound shrugging power work?

Ultramarine Reinforcements and Sisters Repentia

The first thing I wrote down was “remember to shoot two armies” because that was my agenda, I didn’t actually have to kill anything, but I am still stuck in the past and I almost never split fire and with only 24 inch range guns, I generally shoot what I can. Some day I’ll get some Havocs or maybe even a Predator because I don’t have a lot of faith in Hellbrutes surviving, the Defiler is definitely better.

Sister about to whip a rhino good

Once again no underdog points were spent, if you save them you can buy experience points, so that was kinda my plan. The Ultramarines did kill 3 Sister Repentia. These were the models that betrayed Bill perhaps, so many Sisters arrived on turn two including a unit of melta gun armed Sisters they killed my rhino. This freed up the multi-meltas to shoot and kill 3 Burning Sores. Technically I think I could have taken an armour save on a 6+ for the Rhino but somehow forgot. I did not roll well on my armour saves, I did best when I just huddled down and used defensive stratagems.

More melta guns appear

A Defiler appeared on my other flank but it chose to shoot and kill three Sisters of Battle. However the squad of Chaos Space Marine that also appeared on my left flank were not so friendly they shot at the Burning Sores. I warned him I would use Overwatch if he charged so when he did I played that Stratagem and Plague Brewers as I am the Chosen Sons! This resulted in three dead Chaos Space Marines after I did 10 wounds. Then I won H2H combat and the last Chaos Space Marine may have died due to failing moral.

The lonely Ultramarine Infiltrator

I have more notes but I too brought on all my models. The Chosen were in a Rhino on the far side of the board so I focussed on killing Sisters of Battle as I didn’t think I could hurt a Defiler with bolters and flamers. I once again deployed Syphilis in a double deep line and basically forgot to use my defensive psychic powers or any psychic powers this turn.

Luckily I took a lot of pictures so I have some of the Sisters and Ultramarines fighting, basically there was one lone “Infiltrator” who survived until the Chaos Lord killed him.

I moved towards the Sisters of Battler, planning to charge them, I even advanced the Burning Sores but then the two surviving sisters died to my plague flamers. I wasn’t too upset as it allowed Syphilis to shoot and kill several multi-melta sisters, they soon decided it wasn’t as fun when the Plague Marines got to shoot back.

The Diseased Sons start their second turn

Battle Round Three

To start this battle round the Death Guard, Sisters of Battle, and the Chaos Space Marines all got an underdog point. I used mine on smoke grenades for my entire army, but then I’m not sure I remember to take the benefit, I should have put a token on the table, but no one shot at me much for reasons unknown, probably to do with their agendas and the scoring system. You just have to kill a unit, you don’t have to kill a unit of ten Plague Marines to get victory points.

I had bought a bunch of D10s and a score board but I and others also noted the score down on a turn by turn basis so to recap, at the start of Battle Round Three the score was 10-10-10-0. The only army not to kill a unit in turn two was the Chaos Space Marines. It was during this middle part of the game that the two Chaos Players did a lot of sitting and talking while the Imperial Forces fought amongst themselves.

Our official scoreboard with colour coded dice.

The Ultramarines killed some cultists, the Ultramarines killed the Sister Repentia and Bill wanted it noted he shot at a Sister of Battle. Earlier Bill complained when the Sisters betrayed him but I pointed out literally all their heavy weapons shot at me and a heavy bolter by all accounts is heavier than a regular bolter.

The Ultramarines were feeling confident and vengeful to start Round Three

In the next turn the Sisters killed the Ultramarine Rhino. The Defiler rolled a six for it’s battle cannon again but once again it wasn’t shooting at me, but how come my Defiler can’t roll a six for number of battle cannon shots? The Chaos Lord who chose not to worship Nurgle took some fire but survived to charge and kill the lone Infiltrator.

The Chosen swarm and kill Ultramarines

So what did the Diseased Sons do? Well after everyone left me alone I advanced every unit rolling ones for the spawn which would turn out to matter. I should probably advance more than I do. I also used Orbital Bombardment in this turn because the Ultramarines and Sisters created a target rich environment for Nurgle, if only I could shoot on the other side of a large building.

Bill and Daniel point to exactly where I should drop my Blight Bombardment
The Ancient’s Last Stand

I don’t know how many Ultramarines died in Battle Round Three, but the record will clearly show I didn’t kill any. In fact I didn’t kill a single unit in my third turn. But the Chosen and their Lord both killed a unit and the Sisters must have killed a fair few Ultramarines as eventually there was just Captain Snazzypants.

Battle Round Four was when the battle truly got bloody, I didn’t write down how many Sisters of Battle died due to the Blight Bombardment but based on the picture below how many do you think are within six inches?

I love the smell of Blight Bombardment in the morning

Battle Round Four

The score to start this round was 20-20-10-10 so perhaps it was this round that Bill and Daniel decided only they could win. All the units were on the board so the most points you could score now in a single turn was 20 and it would be hard for me to do that, so I got two underdog points and the Chaos Space Marines and Sisters of Battle each got one because when there is a tie, for lowest score for instance, both players in last would get one, that would be the Chaos players. The reason the Sisters of Battle got a point is I think they had lost the most units and this was a direct result of having the most units.

The start of Battle Round Four

This was the first round psychics started to take place, I should always cast my defensive spell but I forgot at least on turn two. I think I did cast it on turn three but maybe not. Regardless Bill’s Librarian smited the Chaos Lord by rolling a five. The funny thing I learned about Smite and have made famous is it must be the closest enemy model.

Chaos Lord VS Ultramarine Captain

The next thing I wrote down was the Gravis Captain charged the Chaos Lord and then I pointed out everyone was in H2H but me. The Chaos Space Marines were fighting the Ultramarines and the Ultramarines were fighting the Sisters. I was sitting pretty in my corner.

Captain Snazzypants killed the Chaos Lord in H2H. But the game was turning against the boys in blue, this may have been the crowning achievement of the Ultramarines on this day. I think the Sisters of Battle killed the Tactical Marines they were fighting and this left the Librarian as the closest model they could see so he died to massed fire.

At the start of my opponent’s shooting phase I remembered to play Cloud of Flies this was to encourage the Defiler to shoot at my spawn or at anyone but the five Burning Sores advancing across the board to try to get into the Sister of Battle deployment zone or at least into flamer range.

Strategic use of a Cloud of Flies

The Chosen shot at the Gravis Captain and did a wound, the Defiler shot at the Sisters but charged Billalexdevin! If only I’d rolled bigger numbers for their advance rolls this would not have happened. The Chosen charged Captain Snazzypants and killed him. This is where we had to decide how Grizzled worked, it didn’t matter to me, because I had to roll way too many sixes for my lone Chaos Spawn to survive. The Defiler followed up into my other unit of one spawn, the recently painted Stumpy.

The last Ultramarine makes his last stand
I tried to avoid this mismatch but ultimately could not

To start my turn four I did something I’ve never done before. I withdrew from combat. I knew it was possible for some models in 9th Edition to do this, but generally I’m safer in H2H than in the shooting phase but I had tried to avoid the Defiler by angling away from him, but my Chaos Spawn did not move fast enough and in hindsight I could have deployed them slightly differently, they served as an inhuman shield protecting my HQ so although one died, they did their job. They really are for deployment and table quarters and ultimately may be better as a unit of two, but at a single power level unit they allow me flexibility.

But before I could even withdraw the Blight Bombardment landed on the Sisters of Battle, all the Ultramarines were already dead.

The Diseased Sons respond to the Defiler Threat

I tried to cast Miasma of Pestilence on the Burning Sores but the Sisters of Battle denied it. But one good thing about the armies being closer together is my Contagion finally did stuff. The Burning Sores killed the Multi-melta Sisters with their plague flamers this once again meant they couldn’t charge, there was some discussion I should try to roll boxcars and see if that was far enough to charge some other Sisters of Battle but I still had the Chosen and the Defiler surrounding me so I wanted to keep my formation and protect McFly and Maceo.

It was in this turn that I unleashed Syphilis on the Defiler supercharging their plasma guns. Of course I rolled a one, but I re-rolled it and all three shots hit. So combined with their bolters Syphilis did 8 wounds to the Defiler proving I can hurt vehicles if I can get within twenty-four inches of them.

Battle Round Five

There were no more Ultramarines and the score was now officially 30-30-20-20. I had seven underdog points saved up so I used smoke grenades, but then probably didn’t take advantage of it in the hustle and bustle, next game I use it, I’m putting tokens on the board to indicate this defensive tactic, the turns are just too long in four player games. I also gave Maceo and the Burning Sores man of the match so three extra experience points as they were both still alive and on the table to start the fifth battle round!

The Sisters of Battle really really wanted to kill the Burning Sores, every single model they had alive fired on them. I think three died in the shooting phase leaving me one flamer model and the champ Germie the Overly Prepared. The Sisters of Battle declared multiple charges so I must overwatch the first one so I did and promptly melted two sisters but the Canoness and a Sister Superior made it into H2H. It was ultimately the latter that killed Germie as I couldn’t make crucial armor saves rolling nothing but ones and twos. This may have given Daniel the win as he now had 40 victory points.

He also had adopted my strategy of leaving his deployment zone denying the enemy the opportunity to score more than ten victory points in a single turn.

The Defiler really wanted to kill Stumpy firing all it’s weapons including a combi-flamer which was another source of extensive rulebook consulting, but despite all the weapons on the Defiler, Stumpy survived with two wounds.

Next the Chosen failed their charge roll, they may get to re-roll it for some reason but rolled another seven, then the Defiler also failed to roll enough to charge Stumpy, re-rolled and rolled worse, everything was coming up Stumpy in Battle Round Five!

The Final Diseased Sons Turn

The first thing I did was move my models around. I had actually backed up Syphilis getting the plasma guns within twelve inches of the Defiler. I moved my two HQ and my Fast Attack towards the Canoness. The Sister Superior was probably alive too at this point but maybe not, she did not live to see the end of the battle at any rate.

I tried to Smite the closest model but the Sisters of Battle denied it. However I rolled a 9 so it was deemed that mortal wound was done by the Malignant Plaguecaster’s special rule. This was a non-event compared to some other rules discussions. I then cast Plague Wind on the Chosen which is line of sight based and killed one.

In the shooting phase Syphilis killed the Defiler with supercharged plasma guns. So that is now a tool in my tool box as Plague Marines have two wounds. McFly and Maceo both made their change rolls but Stumpy must have come up short. Miracles occurred which seemed to give wounds back to the Canoness. Once again Maceo could not kill her, though I may have forgotten his Chaos Boon which would have given him +1 to wound, but I think she just made too many saves.

I had a plan to Release the Toxins as currently only Maceo can do it, but first I forgot, then when I remembered we were basically trying to clean up, plus I just checked and you have to do it in the command phase, it would be nice if you could charge in and do it, but instead you have to let the enemy surround you, then you can release the toxins or even explode.

Next time I fight the Canoness in H2H she dies

The Aftermath

It was thought the Sisters of Battle won as they got to 40 Victory Points. More importantly for his boon roll Maceo got 31 Immaterial Edge which meant he did not become a Chaos Spawn. It will take a lot of effort to get the third boon perhaps, but I will try, he should be even better in H2H now so I must use him more aggressively, perhaps putting him in the Rhino and roaring up the battle field. Alas the unit I requisition is the Scarlet Fevers as they have more plasma guns and after some sober thought, decided I needed them more than melta guns.

I’m not sure how many games these guys have gotten into, especially the champion who I thought was overly armed and expensive for previous editions, but now Plague Marines have two wounds. I’m not sure he has a name, I’ve been too busy to think of one beyond one idea I have, but I was saving that for another model I was going to paint, but it may have to do as although I found an old post where I painted some of these guys, I’m not sure if he ever got into a game, he must have, I painted him for 5th Edition it seems.

It took some digging but the champion did take the field against Owen, he still may not have a name, I looked for an old Excel file, but I may have just scribbled a list on a scrap of paper at my mom’s house. Now they are all on index cards, which is something I did back in 2nd Edition when I played Orks. I try to save my old army lists so I can remember things I’ve forgotten.

Going to enbiggen more purple Plague Marines

I never even considered a H2H Plague Marine squad as I have so many models to paint for the Burning Sores still. I am trying to optimize that squad first. I also want to paint that Plague Surgeon I bought weeks ago.

In addition to Maceo’s new random Chaos Boon I had three units marked for greatness so the Burning Sores now have some complicated rule that only applies when they charge as I don’t want to make a twin of Syphilis. I should really look in the big book more, because you can mix and match Battle Honours. For the Rhino I enhanced it’s Havoc Launcher to do two damage, that might give it a little more bite but it is basically a big target, this is why I started bringing a Landraider in previous editions, but I don’t know if we’re to that point in the campaign, that is a lot of requisition points to increase my supply limit.

This was supposed to be a miniature painting blog and I did take plenty of work-in-progress pictures of Stumpy but I never had time to do a blog update last week. I better upload one of the photos I took in my light box, the people over at the Bolter & Chainsword need it for something they are running. Today I ran some errands and didn’t do any painting. I’ve been typing up this battle report for the last several hours and will edit it with fresh eyes the next day.

WIP but mostly finished Chaos Spawn

In the pub, Bill declared the game a tie between him and Daniel, conveniently forgetting I had thirty victory points and a fully painted army. It was further ruled if there is a tie, no one wins so no one got the free supply increase officially. At the very least it was another moral victory not to have my Chaos Lord turn into a spawn. This also means I don’t have to paint another Chaos Spawn for a while.

Stumpy Spawn of Chaos
Stumpy Spawn of Chaos

If you have thoughts on who really won this game or if you think we got the rules wrong you can leave a comment below. Stumpy was painted with lots of Contrast Paints but then I used various paints to highlight and washes to shade over top of that.

40K Narrative Campaign Week 7

In this the seventh official week of our 9th Edition Warhammer 40,000 Narrative Campaign will the followers of Nurgle triumph?

In this the seventh official week of our 9th Edition Warhammer 40,000 Narrative Campaign will the followers of Nurgle triumph over their hated foes the Ultramarines or will my inability to remember important rules at important times undo my efforts to paint my unique army and forge the narrative? The only way to find out is to read the latest lengthy blog post that I type up much to the amusement of a handful of people online.

It goes without saying that we are still busy at work, while I was playing games and missing Record Store Day, others were working so I don’t know if I’ll get this post completed in a timely manner. I must work tomorrow it has been strongly implied. But despite work I kept painting on the one unpainted model in my campaign force, a vintage Death Guard terminator made with the Forgeworld bits.

Blightlord Terminator
Blightlord Terminator
Standing on the verge of getting on…


Stumpy Spawn of Chaos

It was announced ahead of time we were to play “The Ritual” scenario at 35 PL but somehow at the last minute we changed to 40 PL. I have my entire campaign force in my case, but I have no way to make 40 PL after boosting Syphilis Squad to ten models. Considering how successful they’ve been I don’t think this was a mistake, but I’ll need to requisition another Plague Marine squad but first I’ll requisition another single spawn which in order to give myself a chance to paint, I had to clean and assemble immediately after this weeks game, so here is a picture of Stumpy, Spawn of Chaos.

This model I got in trade with one of the other players in our campaign Devin, then today Alex gave everyone some models he had that were no longer needed to his master plans. Apparently I traded coke, the liquid sugary kind, for some Poxwalkers. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to painting them, probably quite a while from now, as I must paint Plague Marines, Chaos Spawn, more cultists and some new characters as Maceo is on the Path of Glory so he’ll end up a Daemon Prince or yet another Chaos Spawn, either way I got the model sitting on a shelf behind me.

The Forces of the Diseased Sons

40 Power Level Army

I had carefully picked out my 35 PL force, not knowing I would play Bill or even knowing the mission would be the Ritual, I tend to pick my army list immediately after the game based on what worked, what didn’t, and who got a new battle scar or battle honour. But I have always led my forces this edition with Maceo the Maligned.

  • Maceo the Maligned, Chaos Lord 5 PL
  • McFly the Malevolent, Malignant Plaguecaster 5 PL
  • Syphilis Squad, ten Plague Marines 12 PL
  • Boris the Defiler, 9 PL
  • Rhino with Havoc Launcher, 4 PL
  • The Cancer Cell, ten chaos cultists 3 PL
  • Billalexdevin, Spawn of Chaos 1 PL

Both the Cancer Cell and my spawn have Battle Scars, the Cancer Cell is disgraced and can’t use re-rolls or stratagems and Billalexdevin wears the Mark of Shame and can’t benefit form auras. He has an aura so I guess he can’t use that either, but considering how fast these two units usually die, I’m just going to have to live with these little disadvantages. All my other units except the rhino have earned battle honours so I have somehow earned the most crusade points, but Alex is definitely the person to beat and I don’t know if I can build the army to do it, the Ultramarines likely have a better chance against the Eldar than I do.

Setup and Deployment

The toilet paper is key to the Ritual

Bill brought the terrain and set it up, then we realized there was a ruin where the Ritual should occur so we move it to the left. For reasons that were never clearly explained but basically because I was the attacker two weeks ago, I was the defender this week. Having lost two weeks ago, one of my takeaways is my army is probably better at defending. The reason is most of my models can not shoot over 24 inches so having the enemy have to advance towards me is actually more advantageous than going first, this is why, as you will see, I set up with basically units that are going to take the enemy fire to protect more important units.

In addition to the objective representing the ritual site, there are four more objectives on the board, two placed by Bill and two placed by me. Bill put his behind buildings I only put one of mine behind a little ruin, the second one I put where I wanted to go. I had also decided that my Lord who may or may not have had to deploy right next to the Ritual site, it was later ruled he did not, would focus on the mission quite a lot.


These are actually chosen before deployment but revealed after deployment but I have one where I have to kill my enemies most powerful unit and I basically give away I’m going to take it by asking which unit in your army is the most powerful. I will most likely take this agenda often as it will earn me a Virulence point and the regular agendas and missions won’t. For my second agenda I chose Survivor and gave that task again to Syphilis. Ten model Plague Marine squads are hard to kill, especially if you put them in cover.

The Actual Deployment

So having given away that I intended place my warlord Maceo within three inches of a spot bereft of cover, the first unit I place was my rhino. I didn’t even bother pointing it towards the enemy, basically I said I would use rhinos for cover and I did. Bill split the tactical squad that I had to kill into two units, so it was ruled I had to kill all ten, but then we decided for eliminating a unit from the game I got a pip on my campaign card. I probably could have tried a little hard to complete my first agenda, but I lost a close game last week, so this time I was even more focussed on achieving my mission.

I deployed the rhino more than three inches from the Ritual site and in the gap I put the Cancer Cell. Supposedly they are a better screen than the rhino, but they tend to run, so the Heroic Leadership of McFly would be called upon. But first I put down Syphilis, I didn’t put them in cover, but within nine inches of Maceo. His auras are nine inches because of the Fugaris’ Helm. Next I think I deployed my single spawn next to the objective I had in the ruins, basically he would babysit it for as long as he could. McFly is in cover and out of sight, but strategically within 6 inches of my two infantry squads.

The last model I placed was Boris, the Ultramarines had deployed several units in the open so I lined them up in my sights. Then Bill who had an abundance of Command Points redeployed three of his units. He still put a unit out front, but Boris is my fastest model so he can move and line up another shot, but the ability for the enemy to redeploy is something I’m going to have to start planning for as at least two of my opponents can do this with a stratagem.

The Initial Deployment

The other issue with redeployment, is I take a perfectly good picture of the army setup then it changes. So I took another picture, or thought I did, so you can decide if this was a brilliant tactic or a necessity to avoid the Defiler Cannon. If I build another Defiler and I might after the new Chaos Codex comes out, I’d arm it differently, mine was built before there was an official model.

From my records he redeployed his Captain, the Incursors and the Intercessors. They all moved from my left flank to my right flank, but Boris can move and shoot and he has the most long ranged guns so I wasn’t terribly concerned.

Who goes first?

In some missions the attacker goes first, but in this one it was a roll off which Bill won. His agendas were Kingslayer because he also got thirty victory points for killing my warlord and a unique Ultramarine one where he basically gets XP for passing moral tests and boy did I give him lots of opportunities to fulfill that agenda, my shooting is less than overwhelming, but I usually kill a model or two a turn.

Battle Round One

Bill starts his turn with trickery, apparently he can make it the Tactical Doctrine for one squad so after consulting the rules he made it the Tactical Doctrine for the squad in the centre, they have better guns than the squad in the lead on my right flank. I looked on Google Drive and I couldn’t find Bill’s army, but this may have been squad Tration and regardless that squad killed one Plague Marine. I briefly thought about re-rolling one of my failed armour saves but decided it was too early to use CP.

The Titan Slayers is what Bill has dubbed his Devastator squad. We have no Titans in our crusade currently but we do have an Eldar Wraithlord. They have a trick where he can make one weapon hit on a 2+ but his Lascannon rolled a one, so he re-rolled it and rolled another one. I have a bad habit of paying the command re-roll and failing key rolls too and my ability to roll snake eyes amuses Bill to know end.

But even with the laser cannon as Bill calls it doing nothing, the Devastators killed the Rhino anyway. He has two missile launchers and a plasma cannon to back up the “laser cannon”. So next the Ultramarines fire on the Cancer Cell with the tactical squads missile launcher, this results in two dead cultists. I remove ones without autoguns as although I want cultists to be better, they rarely last long enough to get into melee. So I’ll be painting more autoguns and likely a heavy stubber. Supposedly the next Chaos Codex will give cultists more value on the table.

Death Guard Turn One

McFly‘s inspiration was actually not needed as they passed their moral test by themselves. On my turn I moved Boris a little and he killed one model, but then Bill would make his morale test and gain XP. I was in such a hurry to start shooting Bill, I skipped the psychic phase, McFly was also out of sight and thus out of mind, but Bill let me try to cast Miasma of Pestilence anyway on Syphilis. I’ve switched to using that on my best squad rather than trying in vain to save the cultists.

Syphilis remained stationary to increase the range of the Plasma guns and I think I killed a single model with them, but it might have been two. Four cultists also got to fire and they may have done a wound. I have +1 to hit on all my infantry squads, that seems the most obvious battle trait to take given the options in the Death Guard codex for troops.

At the end of Battle Round One

Battle Round Two

Bill couldn’t score any victory points in the first battle round but I could, so Maceo did score 10 VP, giving me an early lead. Bill had advanced on my left flank and got 20 VP as he had two objectives and I currently held just one. The objectives are hard to see on the Ultramarine side of the board but basically one behind each large building.

I didn’t take as many photos this game which is a shame because we had two completely painted armies much to Bill’s amazement. Apparently in his turn two Bill announced it was “Devastator Time!” So the cultists all died. Bill was worried he wouldn’t be able to kill them but his fear was unfounded as everyone who could but the Titan Slayers fired upon them. If a squad is at least three models, it can protect a character to a degree, but with the Cancer Cell removed Maceo had to take all the fire of the Devastators.

Again Bill used is special shot on the Lascannon but I made my invulnerable save. I think Maceo made all his saves, he definitely survived to worship Chaos again, but the Ritual site was looking very exposed.

Death Guard Turn Two

Boris is actually the fastest model in my army and on the table so he moved forward to shield Maceo. Apparently even if you can see the character you can’t target him standing next to a giant mechanical monstrosity. I moved forward both Syphilis and McFly.

McFly actually failed a psychic test but I re-rolled and got a nine so it became a Super Smite. Syphilis also killed a model or two and I completely forgot to use their banner the Sigil of Decay all game. I wrote a cheat card and every unit has a cue card, but sometimes I just forget rules, it wasn’t like this in the olden days.

I didn’t write the score down, but I got 10 VP at the end of my turn for the ritual so I think it was 20-20.

The End of Battle Round Two

Battle Round Three

With the game tied and the third battle round starting, Bill declared it was the “Tactical Doctrine!” This was also known as the turn everyone shot at Boris. He has a 5+ invulnerable and he made his save against the lascannon. But he failed his next armour save so of course I used a re-roll and failed again, this despite being armoured in contempt and having grown extra plates as his battle trait. After being wounded by the missile launchers then came the plasma cannon which did another four wounds. Then another krak missile from the tactical squad for which I also failed the armour save. Then Boris took another wound from bolter fire!

None-the-less he survived and it was going to be my turn.

Boris survives, protecting Maceo and the Ritual site

Death Guard Turn Three

The game must have been getting heated as I didn’t remember to take a picture for a while. I also may have forgotten to deduct a command point so I coughed up one more. Boris moved forward, he also regained a wound to have four, this meant he hit on a 4+, this does make a difference. Syphilis and McFly also moved forward and Billalexdevin and Maceo focussed on scoring victory points.

Boris actually rolled a six with the Defiler Cannon at some point but I didn’t write down when, of all his guns, the twin-linked heavy bolters may be the best, I’m a big fan of this weapon in this edition of the game. But before shooting is psychics, I even wrote down “Don’t forget psychic phase”. And much to Bill’s amusement I rolled snake eyes. However I re-rolled and this is when the discussion occurred about how many CP I should have. So since I had lots, around four I paid another, I made my re-roll and McFly did five mortal wounds to the Ultramarines with Plague Wind, take that Goonhammer! Then he did three more mortal wound with Smite.

Boris did manage to kill two models and as a result there was one Ultramarine I think the sergeant of Squad Tration left, so Boris charged them. Again he could only hit on a 4+ but he has a few attacks and they are at strength 16! That was the end of that squad, but the one I need to kill for my agenda was still alive as were the Devastators plus and Ultramarine Captain and a Lieutenant.

Battle Round Four

The score was now 70-30 for the Death Guard as the Ultramarines either abandoned their objectives or were shot off them, whereas the big slow Syphilis Squad kept scoring along with Billalexdevin and Maceo. Bill must have been getting desperate as he played “Martial Precision” and then some other stratagem card to hit Boris automatically and I think increase the armour penetration of the attack.

I immediately played “Cloud of Flies” at the start of the Ultramarine shooting phase, but on Maceo. After reading what this Stratagem did Bill was not impressed, but I had made sure I had at least 2 CP left as I’ve seen too often that Maceo is just not safe, even behind squads and vehicles. Boris died and exploded doing a wound to McFly. Despite all this action I literally have no pictures and no more notes from this battle round and it is now several days later and I just want to finish typing up the battle report.

Immune from shooting Maceo again completed the Ritual and I had two objectives so Battle Round Five will start with the score 90-30 for the Death Guard.

The Start of Battle Round Five

Battle Round Five

As you can see from the picture above I also casted Miasma of Pestilence on Maceo to keep making him hard to hit with shooting. As a result the Lascannon missed Maceo, but the Plasma Cannon wounded Maceo. Before shooting Bill had appeared from the shadows with his Captain in Gravis Armor and the remains of a Tactical combat squad who shot at then charged Syphilis.

The charge of the Ultramarines

McFly who has the Heroic Inspiration battle trait, could intervene six inches and did. I had enough CP still to launch a Counter Offensive and I made Bill aware of that, but instead I decided to go with Trench Fighters as I didn’t think Bill could defeat all my models quickly. Bill had a lot of command points left and he kept playing something on his Gravis Captain to improve his armour save. It should be noted the Gravis Captain is Toughness 8! This is due to upgrades obtained in the campaign but than the contagion of Nurgle weakens him to toughness seven.

After Bill’s chargers all fought, I fought back with Syphilis who had seven members still so twenty two attacks total with plague knifes. I put about half into the Tactical Marines and half into the Captain. Bill strategically died leaving McFly no one to fight.

It was around this time that the peanut gallery had gathered to inform Bill his Gravis Captain wasn’t in fact toughness eight and helpful things like that, then Bill again toppled one of the tall buildings over and it landed on my models, breaking Bagonhead the Unbearable into multiple pieces, this was deemed very funny by everyone but me, but it was insisted I take a picture for the blog.

Bagonhead with no head
Super Smite

McFly was no longer in H2H so he could maneuver around to charge anew into the surviving two Tactical Marines. But before hand-to-hand combat is psychics and for the third time in the game I suffered perils of the warp, instead of re-rolling as I did for snake eyes twice, I kept my box cars, this turned my power into a Super Smite so I took a mortal wound.

To start my shooting phase I played The Blightening, Devin enjoys watching me play my stratagems on Bill’s army, he’s got that one memorized, 18 auto hitting pistol attacks, alas they are only strength 4 and AP -1 and the Gravis Captain is Toughness 8 if you’d forgotten. I managed to do one wound.

The Super Smite killed off the Tactical Marines and even though McFly was wounded and likely outmatched, my agenda was Syphilis must survive so I charged the Gravis Captain, this meant McFly got to fight first and he did four hits, then he did four successful rolls to wound and Bill was starting to worry, but with his +1 armor save he saved three of them, but to make him sweat once more I rolled a six doing 3 wounds!

The Gravis Captain then got to fight back, turns out in addition to being toughness eight, he also got eight attacks likely due to it being the assault doctrine and who knows what else. It didn’t matter he could not kill McFly or Syphilis. I played Trench Fighters one more time with my last command point but the Gravis Captain is hard to kill and the game officially ended 100-30 for me. There is some possibility Bill actually scored an additional ten points, but we had three score keeping records and my dice and campaign journal said 100-30, turns out I am a better defender than an attacker.

Syphilis is tough to get rid of in the trenches


Bagonhead with his head glued back on!

Not only did I win, Syphilis survived and as the picture clearly shows with more than half their starting strength. I did not succeed in my other agenda, if I had just fired a little bit more or a little bit more accurately. I believe I forgot the benefits of my Sigil of Decay for the entire match, one day I’ll make it through the game without forgetting a clear benefit I carefully selected, but not today.

None of my units that were taken out of action suffered a battle scar. I gave Maceo the man of the match, after all he scored 50 victory points all by himself. Syphilis got four experience points for being my designated survivor so they got their second battle trait. Maceo actually got a free one as he was the warlord of the winning side for the Ritual mission.

What’s next?

Well I worked on Sunday, but on Saturday I did repair Bagonhead and clean, glue, and prime a vintage spawn, so apparently I should post more pictures. Several days past where I was working not blogging or painting. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some paint on the Chaos Spawn, I plan to use Contrast Paints but I’m not sure what the primary colour will be, maybe I’ll thin the other purple, but he too may end up a riot of colours, after all he is Stumpy Spawn of Chaos.

But before I could paint him I had to do a lot of assembly and cleaning, I even got out my Dremel to drill a whole at an angle into a scenic base I ordered from Poland.

Working on Spawn

I primed the spawn with Grey Seer and it came out nice. I haven’t painted over grey in a while and never this grey, I’m kinda looking forward to it, but I need work to get less hectic. Maceo now has a battle trait that lets him regain spent command points on a roll of six. Syphilis now hits on overwatch with either a five or a six. I saved my requisition point but I had enough room in my supply depot to recruit a Chaos Spawn.

We will probably play again next weekend, I’ll write even more pre-game notes to try and remember Sigil of Decay and all my new battle traits. I may have to play Alex and the dastardly Eldar, they are clearly the force to beat and I don’t like my chances. I need the enemy to advance into bolter range and why bother if you have guns that shoot over 24 inches? I will have to eventually recruit some more daemon engines and rumour has it the rules are changing again real soon.

I think I’m still stuck in the past using my plasma guns, they can shoot one shot at 24 inches even if I moved, I was playing it that they could only shoot 24 inches if I stood still, what say you Internet?

If you have thoughts on why the Death Guard or me personally is better at defending than attacking or why plasma guns are better than plague flamers or why the Ultramarine just can’t handle the funk, you can leave a comment below.