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Some visitors came searching, mostly for night goblins, night goblin, night goblin horde, painting night goblins, and forgeworld trench.

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3 Finished Plaguebearers July 2010
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First Game of Warhammer 8th Edition July 2010


Painting Rusty Weapons July 2010


What is it with people online in this hobby?

It is supposed to be a fraternity of people of like mind.  People who are drawn together as they share a common interest.  They share stories, painting techniques, opinions in a reasoned and adult manner.  Instead there are people who seem to do and say things online that they just wouldn’t do in the real world.

I don’t know why it happens to me, maybe I’m too opinionated, maybe I’m overly sensitive, but I have reason to be.  I’m tired of being kicked around, taken advantage of, mistreated and generally treated like shit.  I let people get away with it for too long, not because I have no spine, but because I thought it was a misunderstanding.  I wanted things to be better, so I suffered in silence.  I bit my tongue.  I went away and I never came back because things never got better.

And you know what?  More people just kept doing the same stupid shitty stuff.  It is one thing to be completely fucked over by people you trust and care about and put up with it for the good of… well I’m not sure what anymore.  It is another thing entirely to take abuse from random people on the internet for expressing an opinion.  I know there are misunderstandings in online communication. I don’t like them but supposedly when you put a smiley after what you say, it means it is all in fun, or jest, or something.

You don’t expect someone you don’t know to say “Fuck you”.  You can remove the two middle letters to get around some automated internet sensor, but the meaning is clear.

This is a hobby.  H-o-b-b-y. People like me give a lot of time teaching people to play, or paint, or letting people use our stuff.  I’m a nice guy.  Too fucking nice, people take advantage of me and I’m sick and tired of it.  I started this little hobby blog, to blog about painting miniatures.  That is it. I’m not advocating white supremacy.  I’m not denying the holocaust.  I’m just writing about some miniatures I painted for some games I some time have time to play.  That is it.

There are good people in this hobby.  I believe Ron the guy who runs From the Warp is one of them.  I even think Zac is a good guy.  But I can’t take this shit.  My hobby time is suppose to be relaxing. I paint the miniatures.  I put them on a table.  I roll some dice.  I lose.  I go home and type up a battle report.  I go to a few hobby sites.  I share the battle report and my opinion with a few individuals who I thought were reasonable people, who shared the same hobby as me.  A hobby about painting miniatures, pushing them around on a table while rolling some dice, and now people post pictures and stories online for their amusement and the amusement of others.  People engage in online discussions, maybe they get a tad off topic but c’est la vie.  It is just a hobby.

Stating “Fuck You” after my comment is pretty clear you take extreme exception to something I said.  And I don’t see what I said that would warrant such a response.  I didn’t express any hate.  I didn’t criticize anyone except vaguely Americans in general and that is fair we live North of you, if you can’t take a joke, send Colbert North again, we Ice Holes can take a joke. But even saying some Americans play an extreme version of Warhammer 40,000 is true, some Americans enjoy an extremely competitive version of the game and are willing to forgo sportsmanship, painting, army composition, and some would say common sense in order to prove to the world or say 37 people online that they are the best.

That’s fine it doesn’t interest me and I find it amusing that some people take a hobby so seriously they’d resort to cheating to win a little tournament in Seattle.  But when I’m just trying to relax, and I have random people in the real world come up to me and say “Fuck you!”  Well I want to know what the hell?  And on the Internet people seem to think what they say and do doesn’t matter, but let me tell you it does.

Someday, somebody will remember something you said or did online and you’ll lose an opportunity because of it.  You may think it doesn’t matter, I’m l33t, Muskie McKay is an asshole, fuck him.  He’s just bitter and old.  But I’m a reasonable person and I’m speaking from experience, hard, hard, hard earned experience.

You’re not impressing anyone with your two word vocabulary.  And in fact you upset me further and I’m just trying to relax at the end of the day.  All I wanted to do was type up a battle report and share it with a few people on an Internet forum.  Apparently in doing so I’ve caused great offense to two people.  And I just don’t see it…

I just don’t see what crime or heinous act I’ve committed that warranted personal attacks.

I mean “What is it with people online in this hobby?”

What is it with people online?
What is it with people online?

After I hit “publish”, I’m turning off my laptop.  Right off. I’m leaving it off until tomorrow morning when I need to resume my life.  There is at least one hobby site I won’t be returning to after this evening.  I don’t want to make it two.

My Blogroll

I was doing better today/tonight at sleeping, but then I got up to do or check something and now I’m updating this blog.  I haven’t updated since, early, early in the morning which is suboptimal if you want to generate traffic.  You should probably update between 9-10 Eastern until about 1-2 Easter Standard Time.

This blog isn’t that popular, but it is new and I’ve put a lot of effort into it already.  Google will reward that eventually as will the rest of the Blogosphere.  I joined the From the Warp blog network, you can see their logo on my sidebar.  These networks are a big deal to some, I had to start this dedicated blog in order to qualify.  I may join one or two more, it depends on how stringent the requirements and who my peers will be.

Looking at my web traffic statistics, something I perhaps do too much, but old habits die hard, I notice where traffic comes from and where traffic goes to.  In my Blogroll, most of the traffic goes to the alphabetically first blogs which is good for the guy who called his blog A 40K Hobby Blog and good for Malcolm who called his blog A Canadian in Space, but it is bad for say Zac…

So after finding another miniature painter with a blog in Vancouver I went to bed.  I did add him to my Blogroll as he apparently goes to the same store as me.  But then I couldn’t sleep so I decided to create a category for just Vancouver miniature painters and bloggers.  Vancouver is one of the Social Media capitals of the world.  We have large networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, and PlentyOfFish, in fact PlentyOfFish. com is a local company, Flickr and Now Public were also started here.  You see a lot of iPhones and MacBooks now in Vancouver, when as a long time Mac user, I used to be ridiculed, even in programmer/ComSci circles.  Now let’s just say some of us were way ahead of the game.

Anyway now there is a Vancouver or Van City Bloggers category in my links.  Blogroll was still appearing first so I had to create five Links widgets and order them how I wanted to get the sidebar to behave how I wanted it.  This shows the power of WordPress even the dot com version.  One of the things I’m amazed at is people trying to run really elaborate blogs off of Blogger.com when they should just get a WordPress account or better yet a domain.  They’ve built up cachet or Google Juice for a domain they don’t own, which is always a no-no in web design/internet branding.  Can you even export your data from Blogger easily?  Of course I went with the free WordPress.com account myself rather than self host another blog.  I just wanted to try out the features of WordPress.com that aren’t available to self hosted blogs, there are one or two still…

So if you’re a gamer in Vancouver, you should pop by VancouverGamers.com or Strategies on Sundays and if you have a blog, a good blog, not some crappy thing you threw up back in the day and never update, but a good blog with pictures and tutorials on miniature painting and you’re in Vancouver, let Zac or I know.  Zac is big on building up the local gaming community, I just try to do my bit to help.

Bell of Lost Souls signal to noise ratio

Bell of Lost Souls isn’t that old of a website.  There are a lot older hobby websites online, but it’s rise to prominance has been pretty rapid.  It started out being about Warhammer 40,000 then they added other games such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Privateer Press’s Warhmachine/Hordes, Flames of War…   They’ve also tried to grow from a blog into I don’t know what, they added yet another online hobby forum, a blog network, who knows what else.  They’ve also added to the number of writers, even recently putting out a call for more writers…

I don’t know how many writers they have but re-syndicating content isn’t what I want.  There are some people’s blogs I just don’t want to read.  I disagree with their oppinion, point of view, tactics, humanity, or whatever.  I just stay away from certain blogs, forums, topics…  Take the whole recent Germany versus America blowup they had on BoLS.  I think the people running the website are making some poor decisions.  Maybe they need page views to pay for bandwidth or something.  They certainly have enough ads on the webpage now.  These don’t bother me too much as I use an RSS Reader and lots of people run adblocking software nowadays.

I actually support specialty hobby companies and give them free links and press myself, but it is just a hobby, trying to make a living from Warhammer 40K or miniature painting isn’t always the wisest course of action, but what do I know I’m unemployed right now and I got a couple of them there university degrees.

Maybe Bell of Lost Souls has gotten too big for their britches as my grandmother would say or too big for their own good.  The comments section is going to need more and more policing, but so is their editorial policy, between starting the big Germany VS America mudfest to letting TastyTaste inflict himself on me again.  Sarcasm should be left to professionals.  If you want to write about miniature painting or the hobby at least write something positive.  That is what I try to do these days, stay out of the flamewars, I’m too old for that crap.  I just ignore people until they go away, but now he’s got some backdoor into my computer thanks to BoLS.

We’ll see if things improve, if not I’ll find other sources for my hobby news, Table Top Gaming News covers everything BoLS does and more, but with less focus on original articles and more focus on news.  I don’t play Warmachine or Flames of War I barely play 40K.  When I’m employed my free time is valuable.  I don’t want to waste it reading crap online, I do too much of that.  I subscribe to certain RSS feeds as I think the content is of merit.  I link to them because I think they provide useful information.  Some sites and authors just get annoying really fast and I leave them for other people to engage.  If Bell of Lost Souls slides much further I’ll just contribute to some other site more.  This blog has only been up about a month and it is starting to get some traffic from Google, but mainly it gets traffic from forums and mailing lists I post links on.  I’m pretty organic in my traffic building techniques, but I’ll have to join one or two of these new fangled blog networks, though maybe not the BoLS one…

Quality control matters, I hope not to ever let this blog slide too far towards BloodOfKittensWho names a site that anyway? I don’t plan to do many of these Op Ed pieces but I did create the category and I know I’m not the only one who has had enough of Mr. TastyTaste online.

Modest Hobby Update

Today I went to Strategies, wrote out a token Ork and Goblin 1500 point army list, and invest money I don’t really have into Warhammer 8th Edition.  I didn’t buy any minis but the big red book isn’t cheap.  I also am more and more sure I didn’t get the job where they planned to make a decision Thursday or Friday.  You never know I’ll politely inquire Monday afternoon if I don’t hear anything.

After spending too much time hanging around the local gaming store, I spent more time hanging around one of the many cafes on Main Street, then when I got home I read and flipped through the big red book some.  Eventually after a modest meal I took a break and promptly fell asleep on my bed.  I’ve been trying to get out and exercise a bit more and I think it hit me this evening. Freshly prepared miniatures

I had planned to do a little more work on my many miniature painting projects.  I actually laid out two plaguebearers and another Foundry WW1 rifleman before my impromptu nap.  When I got back up it seemed hotter than when I went to sleep.  I started cleaning the models and must not have been fully awake as I managed to slip while rotating my exacto knife and cut myself on the inside of my index finger.  I got a fresh reminder of the true colour of blood and after patching myself up I returned to the modeling table with more focus on the task at hand.

These three newly cleaned and prepared for painting models, will get some beach sand and some black primer before I go to bed and after exciting domestic chores tomorrow I’ll probably resume painting the three models behind them.  They are a test chaos daemon which I plan to paint a very dark purple, a second test Khorne bezerker, and a test Servant of Decay.  Hopefully I can crank them out pretty quickly as my painting queue seems to be getting longer instead of shorter.

I want to finish off my 2010 Vancouver Astronomi-con army promptly, but now I need to paint some lesser daemons of Nurgle too by the end of the month so I might do them before the three rank and file models I need to do for my Astro army.  That still leaves me the big three models for this years Astronomi-con.

WW1 Foundry Rifleman closeupIn other hobby news Zac’s blog network is up and at it.  He came up with some membership criteria which may be even stricter than From the Warp or the Bell of Lost Souls network.  I’m not sure how much traffic these blog networks generate, but the answer is some.  One of the reasons I set up a dedicated hobby blog was to apply for membership in probably all three of these networks.  I may need to wait five more months before I can apply to the Table Top Gaming News one.  Some people in the networks are selling something, miniatures, painting services, hobby products, even ad space, but most are just hobbyists.  I just want some of my ramblings to get read.  Plus if I go to all the trouble of preparing a tutorial I hope it is eventually of use to somebody.

Speaking of my one true tutorial so far on this blog, I sealed the WW1 Canadian Corps rifleman, it made his helmet shiny.  I used Purity Seal but I think a little too much may have landed on his lid.  Anyway it is just a test model, I also took some effort and used the bright haloegen lamp on my painting test to try and show that I did indeed paint the eyes of this 25mm figure.

Well that is all for tonight, look for more ramblings, and work in progress photos this weekend as I have no shortage of miniatures to paint.  I just hope it isn’t too hot in Vancouver.  I still have some terrain work to do on the trench table and will probably do some sort of rust painting tutorial in conjunction with it.

Terrain pieces on the side of my painting table

Looking Good

So as I mused, I’ve started a dedicated miniature painting blog for my various hobby projects.  Hopefully I’ll get off my ass in the next few days and paint something fresh for the masses.  I still need a job, so look at my resume!

I’m not going to move content over here from my personal blog, I’d rather spend my time creating new content and painting new miniatures rather than just import old text and pictures.  Plus I don’t like broken links, I remember when people cared about broken links, now people just trust in Google.

So what will be here? Everything I do hobby related basically.  Nurgle.muschamp.ca isn’t going anywhere, but it is a huge hand coded site, to an army that I’m going to use less as I paint some new stuff, I’ve ran just about every Plaguemarine squad possible.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve matured and I stay out of online pissing matches when I can, I still contribute to the odd forum, mostly the Bolter and Chainsword but occasionally the Waaagh or elsewhere.  I’ve been at this a long time, I have WIP threads that are years old, but I’m not sure if my efforts get viewed by that many people, so hopefully Google will find this stuff and it turns out to be of use to someone.

One thing I have imported by hand into WordPress.com is links.  I’ve been collecting links since 1994 or 1995, my biggest collection is pretty out of date, but more recent useful finds, were added to the sidebar for the benefit of all.

What you will also find here is some well painted miniatures and occasionally tutorials and advice on how to improve your painting.  Back when I was employed I bought a lot of paint and models, so I try stuff out, rather than stick to just GW paints and models.  That said most models I paint are for Warhammer 40,000 or 40K as it is known online.  One of the more famous things I’ve put online is the Diseased Sons homepage, so additions to that army along with the Nefarious Fire and new incarnations of Waaagh Musk will appear here.

I’ll continue using Flickr for finished models in higher res, but I’ll probably put most of my Work In Progress or WIP photos on WordPress.com, previously I used Muschamp.ca and I still may use it for somethings.  I pay for the bandwidth on Muschamp.ca about 10 bucks a month, I get about as much free from WordPress.com maybe, but they throw the odd ad around my text and pictures.  I’m happy with the theme I picked, it is new and gritty, and called Greyzed.  Thanks to the Forge Web Creations for that, apparently they are from South Africa, small world nowadays, especially online.

We’ll have to see if a more focused blog on WordPress.com rather than self hosted leads to an increase in popularity, as measured say by number of comments.  I always got traffic from the search engines, often from very strange keyword referrals, but I’d like a more social and interactive site, though that said it is just a hobby blog, if I get busy with my new job it will languish for a while.

As you may have noticed, I have a tendency to ramble, which is why Muskblog is an unfocused mess after being updated very regularly for years.  This blog will be focused on miniature painting and the hobby, if I want to rant against bad service at a restaurant it won’t appear here, neither will pictures of my sister’s dog, or any baby photos, or any thing else that will pollute the purity of Musk’s Miniatures.

I own a lot of miniatures, a lot of them are painted, but a lot of them aren’t.  Even if I never buy another model, I’ll probably never get them all done.  I’m going to have to have a liquidation sale someday.  I own a lot of older GW miniatures that I either bought back in the day, traded for, or got on say eBay.  I don’t have any immediate plans to sell anything, but at some point it is a good idea.  I’m building something of a dream table for wargaming, but it has gone slowly.  I got hundreds of dollars tied up in resin and other stuff like foam, plasticard, and balsa wood.  I kinda wish I had some of that money back right about now seeing as how I’ve been unemployed for over two months and I’ll always be paying for my MBA.

I promise this is the least focused and most off topic post that will appear here.  I need some text to test the theme further and make sure tags and categories are working well.  There are links to a lot of photos of my miniatures on the sidebar, but lets see if I can’t dig something interesting out of iTunes to see how the theme handles images.Assault on Black Reach Ork Nob

I don’t currently have access to a good digital camera, remember I’m unemployed.  I do have an iPhone 3GS which takes surprisingly good pictures of miniatures in my lightbox setup.  I also know a number of pro and semi-pro photographers, maybe I’ll con one of them into using their 1000s of dollars worth of equipment to take photos of my minis.

I also might submit this hobby blog to various specialized blog networks, that seem to be all the rage in online hobby circles.  I’m not sure how much more traffic they’ll add, but now with a focused blog and hopefully a month or two of good original content I’ll be eligible to join one or two.  In the mean time we’ll have to wait and see who’ll be the first to link to this blog and leave a comment besides me.