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I haven’t had much time and energy to devote to painting miniatures let alone playing any games, I am still seeking full time employment. About all I do is follow blogs in my RSS readers. I’ve found some new ones lately that I like and I have a few old favourites so here are some recommendations for those people interested in miniature painting, modeling, and miniature war games particularly games produced by Games Workshop.

  • Dylan Gould’s Model Works shares a love for the mid 90s GW models that we both grew up reading about as much as painting. Kids these days don’t know how good they have it with the Internet, world wide web, and smart phones. I’m still somewhat surprised that video games haven’t completely killed off the hobby.
  • Recalcitrant Daze is an even more recent discovery that seems to be working on Nurgle and Orks for Warhammer 40,000. Just like I would if my life was better and I had time and energy to spare.
  • Rust and the City is doing a Nurgle Renegades army based on the rules published in Imperial Armour 7 from Forgeworld, just like I always said I was going to do…
  • Fawcett Avenue Conscripts are also older than the average GW fanboy and seem to have a number of old school veteran armies that they drag out and use and continue to expand.
  • Roundwood’s World shows just how good a modular WW1 trench table can look.  Maybe I’ll finish my modular trench table eventually.
  • Kings Minis is another blog devoted to a large and growing collection of old GW models that still get used in games.

There, go subscribe to the RSS feeds of these blogs, they won’t be as disappointing as they are making progress on their projects and include lots of nice pictures and interesting models you don’t see every day.

Update December 2019

It is now many years later and I’m back to blogging and painting or blogging about painting or at least editing blog posts about miniature painting. You can read my latest post and I will clean up the sidebar once I overhaul the taxonomy of this website, because I’m all about Quality or at least I try to prioritize Quality over quantity and vanity metrics. One of the blogs above is now private, I can’t read it, so I don’t know the story. I’ll probably remove it from my sidebar, just like I unsubscribed from RSS feeds that are to blogs that are no longer actively maintained. Hopefully I can keep updating this blog on a near weekly basis as I have a lot of unpainted miniatures.

Old Stuff Day

Someone decided today was the day old bloggers, post old stuff, about old minis or something. I’m not sure. I finished painting my naked chicks, but I can’t show anyone a photo for fear of offending Zee Germans. They are however old models that I got in a trade in I think 1996. Remember 1996? That was Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition. Also known as the big one, as that was the edition that had the first box with models and rules. I still have unpainted models from that box… Old Stuff Day Logo

I’m known online and in Vancouver for painting old out of print models. I’m also known for still working on my old armies, rather than start a shiny new army, so old stuff day is a bit redundant for me. This blog is only a little over a year old, but I’ve been blogging for over five years and posting pictures of my minis to the Internet for even longer… So lets see what old stuff should I recommend to Malcolm, oh wait Malcolm can’t be bothered to read this blog, as he thought my naked chicks were in fact Daemonettes…

Here is a few years old post showing some of the top painted Chaos Space Marine models in my collection.

In 2006 I went to see my friend Thor in Nanaimo and took a few photos of his minis.  He was working at GW Burnaby last time I saw him.

Every few years I try to paint some Goblins in the hopes of getting a painted Goblin army on the table. The new book is out and one has my name on it at the LGS, so here is the command group from one of my big blocks of Night Goblins that I painted back in 2006.

I’ve painted a few models that have become famous and people have talked about them in foreign languages on boards you’ve never heard of. I know this because I look at web analytics and do Google Image searches and such. Blastmarker Billy is one of those famous models.

If you want to go really old school, here is an army list, and the surviving members of the army I took to CanGames in 1997, when I won my only Warhammer 40,000 tournament.

I should still take more pictures of my old models, people ask me to on forums, but I don’t have the really fancy camera and I just would rather work on adding to my painted miniature collection rather than documenting every model I’ve ever painted. None the less a lot of photos have been posted to my vanity domain over the years, but the best of them are on Flickr now too.  I guess I’ll throw in a few inline images from there and call this post done.  ;-)

Goblin Command

Beasts Of Nurgle

The oldest plastic GW ork

Shuttle and escorts for Silent Death

There is no ‘F’ or ‘U’ in “hobby”

There isn’t a ‘CK’ either…

So after a few days away from this blog, I’ve gotten some encouragement to resume posting, so I decided I would if for no other reason than to make sure some people, or at least silly internet handles, get the fame they apparently so desperately crave. That said I think I’m scaling down my online forum participation. I just don’t feel like going out of my way to help anonymous people online anymore. I think I deserve to be more selfish after all these years. Plus there is at least one more forum I’m never visiting again.

So this post is dedicated to all the wonderful people I’ve met online such as:

And of course the many people who have been added to Bell of Lost Souls or have decided that they should go there to be immature online. Led of course by the self important hobby higher authority himself, TastyTaste. Who apparently should have picked a better online handle, because I couldn’t find him on the front page of Google… Oh I almost forgot about the guy with the pink text who seems to be proud that he is an asshole online. Alas his name and blog are so insignificant I can never remember what they are. Not that I remember any of the names above, but luckily I’ve decided if they want to draw attention to themselves and they choose to do so by picking on people online, well they should pick on someone other than me.

I’ll make you famous!

Why do these people share the same hobby as me? They aren’t people I want to associate with in the real world and I’ll be damned if I’ll give them another 15 seconds of fame. Onward to the minis I am currently painting for Astronomi-con Vancouver which is this Saturday and Sunday. I have one day left to finish my HQ choices and do touch ups, pack, maybe re-read the rules seeing as I’ve been playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle recently. Oh well it is not like I ever get to play test the armies I dream up. Why start this year?

These models aren’t finished though while I was away from this blog I finished several models. I’m not doing any step by step tutorials, maybe if you ask Ar_nihs he’ll tell you have to paint dark red or blue or black and type up a nice step by step tutorial on his blog. Or you can go back in time and see how I did it on other recent models. The reds and blues are basically done, but the blacks and brass need a lot of work still.

Astro Vancouver 2010 HQ
Astro Vancouver 2010 HQ
Astro Vancouver 2010 Side Photo
Astro Vancouver 2010 Side Photo

Updated March 2nd 2013

Why do people feel the need to be assholes online? They’ve never met me, but apparently they found my website, linked to it, appropriated some of the content, posted on some obscure forum, but couldn’t resist the urge to describe something I’ve spent over a decade building as “most of which is crap, BTW”. They even put it in brackets as their opinion is totally superfluous to the actual content of thread. They just felt the need to insult someone online. So in honour of those people who continue to think this is acceptable behaviour online I’ve updated this blog post to immortalize Supaglue who’s real name may be Gilmore something or other, congratulations on being an asshole!

Who the fuck is Supaglue?

What is it with people online in this hobby?

It is supposed to be a fraternity of people of like mind. People who are drawn together as they share a common interest. They share stories, painting techniques, opinions in a reasoned and adult manner. Instead there are people who seem to do and say things online that they just wouldn’t do in the real world.

I don’t know why it happens to me, maybe I’m too opinionated, maybe I’m overly sensitive after everything that has happened to me. I’m tired of being kicked around, taken advantage of, mistreated and generally treated like shit. I let people get away with it for too long, not because I have no spine, but because I thought it was a misunderstanding. I wanted things to be better, so I suffered in silence. I bit my tongue. I went away and I never came back because things never got better.

And you know what? More people just kept doing the same stupid shitty stuff. It is one thing to be completely fucked over by people you trust and care about and put up with it for the good of… well I’m not sure what anymore. It is another thing entirely to take abuse from random people on the internet for expressing an opinion. I know there are misunderstandings in online communication. I don’t like them but supposedly when you put a smiley after what you say, it means it is all in fun, or in jest, or something.

You don’t expect someone you don’t know to say “Fuck you”. You can remove the two middle letters to get around some automated internet sensor, but the meaning is clear.

This is a hobby. H-o-b-b-y. People like me give a lot of time teaching people to play, or paint, or letting people use our stuff. I’m a nice guy. Too fucking nice, people take advantage of me and I’m sick and tired of it. I started this little hobby blog, to blog about painting miniatures. That is it. I’m not advocating white supremacy. I’m not denying the holocaust. I’m just writing about some miniatures I painted for some games I sometimes have time to play. That is it.

There are good people in this hobby. I believe Ron the guy who runs From the Warp is one of them. I even think Zac is a good guy. But I can’t take this shit. My hobby time is suppose to be relaxing. I paint the miniatures. I put them on a table. I roll some dice. I lose. I go home and type up a battle report. I go to a few hobby sites. I share the battle report and my thoughts with a few individuals who I thought were reasonable people, who shared the same hobby as me. A hobby about painting miniatures, pushing them around on a table while rolling some dice, and now people post pictures and stories online for their amusement and the amusement of others. People engage in online discussions, maybe they get a tad off topic but c’est la vie. It is just a hobby.

Stating “Fuck You” after my comment is pretty clear you take extreme exception to something I said. And I don’t see what I said that would warrant such a response. I didn’t express any hate. I didn’t criticize anyone except vaguely Americans in general and that is fair we live North of you, if you can’t take a joke, send Colbert North again, we Ice Holes can take a joke. But even saying some Americans play an extreme version of Warhammer 40,000 is true, some Americans enjoy an extremely competitive version of the game and are willing to forgo sportsmanship, painting, army composition, and some would say common sense in order to prove to the world or say 37 people online that they are the best.

That’s fine it doesn’t interest me and I find it amusing that some people take a hobby so seriously they’d resort to cheating to win a little tournament in Seattle. But when I’m just trying to relax, and I have random people in the real world come up to me and say “Fuck you!” Well I want to know what the hell? And on the Internet people seem to think what they say and do doesn’t matter, but let me tell you it does.

Someday, somebody will remember something you said or did online and you’ll lose an opportunity because of it. You may think it doesn’t matter, I’m l33t, Muskie McKay is an asshole, fuck him. He’s just bitter and old. But I’m a reasonable person and I’m speaking from experience, hard, hard, hard earned experience.

You’re not impressing anyone with your two word vocabulary. And in fact you upset me further and I’m just trying to relax at the end of the day.  All I wanted to do was type up a battle report and share it with a few people on an Internet forum. Apparently in doing so I’ve caused great offense to two people. And I just don’t see it…

I just don’t see what crime or heinous act I’ve committed that warranted personal attacks.

I mean “What is it with people online in this hobby?”

What is it with people online?
What is it with people online?

After I hit “publish”, I’m turning off my laptop. Right off. I’m leaving it off until tomorrow morning when I need to resume my life. There is at least one hobby site I won’t be returning to after this evening. I don’t want to make it two.

My Blogroll

I was doing better today/tonight at sleeping, but then I got up to do or check something and now I’m updating this blog. I haven’t updated since, early, early in the morning which is suboptimal if you want to generate traffic. You should probably update between 9-10 am until about 1-2 pm Eastern Standard Time.

This blog isn’t that popular, but it is new and I’ve put a lot of effort into it already. Google will reward that eventually as will the rest of the Blogosphere. I joined the From the Warp blog network, you can see their logo on my sidebar. These networks are a big deal to some, I had to start this dedicated blog in order to qualify. I may join one or two more, it depends on how stringent the requirements and who my peers will be.

Looking at my web traffic statistics, something I perhaps do too much, I noticed where traffic comes from and where traffic goes to. In my Blogroll, most of the traffic goes to the alphabetically first blogs which is good for the guy who called his blog A 40K Hobby Blog and good for Malcolm who called his blog A Canadian in Space, but it is bad for say Zac…

So after finding another miniature painter with a blog in Vancouver I went to bed. I did add him to my Blogroll as he apparently goes to the same store as me. But then I couldn’t sleep so I decided to create a category for just Vancouver miniature painters and bloggers. Vancouver is one of the Social Media capitals of the world. We have large networks on Facebook, LinkedIn, and PlentyOfFish, in fact PlentyOfFish. com is a local company, Flickr and Now Public were also started here. You see a lot of iPhones and MacBooks now in Vancouver, when as a long time Mac user, I used to be ridiculed, even in programmer/ComSci circles. Now let’s just say some of us were way ahead of our time.

Anyway now there is a Vancouver or Van City Bloggers category in my links. Blogroll was still appearing first so I had to create five Links widgets and order them how I wanted to get the sidebar to behave how I want. This shows the power of WordPress even the dot com version. One of the things I’m amazed at is people trying to run really elaborate blogs off of when they should just get a WordPress account or better yet a domain. They’ve built up cachet or Google Juice for a domain they don’t own, which is always a no-no in web design/internet branding. Can you even export your data from Blogger easily? Of course I went with the free account myself rather than self host another blog. I just wanted to try out the features of that aren’t available to self hosted blogs, there are one or two…

So if you’re a gamer in Vancouver, you should pop by or Strategies on Sundays and if you have a blog, a good blog, not some crappy thing you threw up back in the day and never update, but a good blog with pictures and tutorials on miniature painting and you’re in Vancouver, let Zac or I know. Zac is big on building up the local gaming community, I just try to do my bit to help.

Update December 2019

I am updating every post on this blog to improve the Quality and taxonomy. I’ll get to the blogroll soon. I’m in Calgary now and so is Zac, but I can’t say I’ve thought about him much over the years ever since he decided the purity of thread can not be compromised.