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I haven’t had much time and energy to devote to painting miniatures let alone playing any games, I am still seeking full time employment. About all I do is follow blogs in my RSS readers. I’ve found some new ones lately that I like and I have a few old favourites so here are some recommendations for those people interested in miniature painting, modeling, and miniature war games particularly games produced by Games Workshop.

  • Dylan Gould’s Model Works shares a love for the mid 90s GW models that we both grew up reading about as much as painting. Kids these days don’t know how good they have it with the Internet, world wide web, and smart phones. I’m still somewhat surprised that video games haven’t completely killed off the hobby.
  • Recalcitrant Daze is an even more recent discovery that seems to be working on Nurgle and Orks for Warhammer 40,000. Just like I would if my life was better and I had time and energy to spare.
  • Rust and the City is doing a Nurgle Renegades army based on the rules published in Imperial Armour 7 from Forgeworld, just like I always said I was going to do…
  • Fawcett Avenue Conscripts are also older than the average GW fanboy and seem to have a number of old school veteran armies that they drag out and use and continue to expand.
  • Roundwood’s World shows just how good a modular WW1 trench table can look.  Maybe I’ll finish my modular trench table eventually.
  • Kings Minis is another blog devoted to a large and growing collection of old GW models that still get used in games.

There, go subscribe to the RSS feeds of these blogs, they won’t be as disappointing as they are making progress on their projects and include lots of nice pictures and interesting models you don’t see every day.

Update December 2019

It is now many years later and I’m back to blogging and painting or blogging about painting or at least editing blog posts about miniature painting. You can read my latest post and I will clean up the sidebar once I overhaul the taxonomy of this website, because I’m all about Quality or at least I try to prioritize Quality over quantity and vanity metrics. One of the blogs above is now private, I can’t read it, so I don’t know the story. I’ll probably remove it from my sidebar, just like I unsubscribed from RSS feeds that are to blogs that are no longer actively maintained. Hopefully I can keep updating this blog on a near weekly basis as I have a lot of unpainted miniatures.

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8 thoughts on “Recommended Hobby Blogs”

    1. That’s good, but it only really counts if it is painted. All these people online with 5000 points worth of whatever. It’s all hot air or verbal diarrhea, if it was such an awesomely fearsome army they’d have pictures to show and it would be on the table top kicking ass and taking names. I have no idea how many points I have painted, but I know how many models I have painted which is well over 100 Nurgle Marines and over 40 Plaguebearers too.

      Keep up the good work on your blog.

  1. I just cleaned up my blog list. Some blogs hadn’t been updated in several years so as much as I had fond memories of them, blogs seems to be dying and everyone posts to Instagram, Facebook, and perhaps even Twitter. I plan to blog more. I like having a central place I control, I tend to ramble, and I do have years and years of effort put into various websites. Maybe I should rip it all down, but not this year.

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