Rebased Terminators

I would have liked to have had them finished two days ago, but I spent a lot of time waiting for paint to dry, for washes to dry, for glue to dry, for modeling paste to dry.  I’ve now rebased all my old terminators on 40mm round bases and can move on to painting new models.

All the Nurgle Terminators I rebased

A lot of steps went into getting them to look like this, including many, many, many hours spent painting the miniatures themselves. The Right Hard Posse was never designed as one big squad, it consists of a lot of extra models and was actually painted as some HQ choices and a couple small squads. Having put all these works into it over the years, I’m going to give the ten man squad a run at this year’s Astronomi-con Vancouver.

Fresh Sprue
Fresh Sprue

In order to get yet more bits to choose from I busted open two boxes of plastic GW models I’ve owned for years.  The Goblins weren’t any use, though I was surprised to find Wolf Rider parts and four banner bits in this box.  The Flagellants were useful.  This box is great for bits.  You get two of everything and lots of spare parts such as heads or little bits of chains.  The rest of the plastic, metal, and resin bits came from my bitz box and my mountain of sprue.

After gluing the bitz to the bases, I then busted out some modeling paste I had bought.  This wasn’t in the original plan, but some people sware by products like this as a basing material.  You can mix paint with it so it can be any color.  You can cut it after it dries, you can even add grit to it.  It goes on like icing a cake.  I used it to fill in the gaps between the big and small base, but perhaps I should have done this first and then stuck the plastic model bits into the paste, but it was a new product to me, and I never thought of that until it was too late.

Modeling Paste
Modeling Paste

After the paste dried, it looked a lot like snow bases, I’m sure some people have used it for that.  One benefit of gluing the bitz to the base is you can then sink them into the ground with paste or just sand and glue.  The white paste got a layer of watered down white glue then a dip into my box of beach sand and then another lengthy drying period.

Next came several coats of black paint.  The first was regular consistency, the next two were watered down.  I recommend gluing sand, and whatever else you plan to use as basing materials to the base during the model assembly phase.  That way if you use spray primer you don’t have to go through the repeated coats of black paint that I did.  Spray primer does a good job on sand.  This is one advantage I have over those paint the model in pieces or mounted on a handle people.

Drybrushing was next, the usual three GW manufactured brown paints.  I used a small drybrush, and was a bit heavy, but I’d never get every base to be perfectly the same or the sand to match that was old and with the new.  Especially because the old sand was really fine.  I like beach sand as it is irregular.

Terminators with modeling paste
Terminators with modeling paste

I started with the metallic bits.  They got painted chainmail, followed by two washes, one of Badaab Black and one of Devlan Mud. I also painted some brass bits using Tin Bitz and Brazen Brass.  I used a custom thinned Rust Brown Ink with some Plasma Red Ink for them.  I also painted the skulls Snake Bite Leather then Bleached Bone.  They two got the Rust Brown plus Plasma Red Ink wash.

After all that was dry the metal were done and the skulls looked pretty good, but I put a highlight of Vallejo Beige on them which looked two harsh so another custom wash was used, this time a darker brown mixed with red.  That was it for the skulls.  The various heads were painted Dhenab Stone then given a wash, of thinned down purple.  Then a highlight of Dhenab Stone.  Other bits were painted purple, or red, or brown.  I even tried out my English Uniform Brown that I ordered from the Vallejo range.

When all this was done it was time for rust and blood.  I did the rust first mixing up a custom wash consisting of water, rust brown ink, and Fiery Orange plus some left over half dried pigments that remain in my rust wash mixing spot…  For the blood I used Tamiya Clear Red and the Lonewolf Blood and Gore method or my interpretation of it.  This really gave the models I nice final touch and it was off to the photo booth.

Sand applied to bases
Sand applied to bases

The squad was pretty much too big to photograph at once.  It worked better as a squad of five models.  I also took some individual model shots all of which are up on Flickr.

Nurgle Terminator with backbanner

Now I’m at a cafe as it is so cold in Vancouver.  This weekend I’ll continue to look for a new job, but also start on some Lead Painter League entries.  I hope to finish one or two weeks worth before returning to models for my armies.

Old Chaos Terminator Updated


Everyone’s Doing Cool Sh!t But Me!

Well maybe not everyone but a lot of the miniature painting and hobby blogs I follow are making me look even lazier than I already am.  I thought after my last game, I’d get in some more games and get my hobby mojo going again, but it didn’t happen.  I still do a lot of thinking and planning, but not enough getting off my ass and doing.  In truth I have bigger problems than lack of hobby output, but I have so many cool ideas and so much money invested in this hobby, I really should try and do something.Nurgle Terminators on Bigger Bases

Either that or I should move up my excess hobby crap sell off date…

Anyway inspired by one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time, I resumed rebasing my Nurgle Terminators.  I kinda wish I had one more armed with Chainfist.  I could convert another one up, I have the parts, but I have enough models I need to paint and I think just making my one chainfist guy a champ will accomplish almost as much.

I’ve got them all on 40mm round bases now and I commenced gluing bits to them.  I raided my bits box and gluded on a bunch of 28mm metal skulls I got from Black Cat Bases.  It’s not all glamorous showpiece projects, sometimes you have to spend an evening with nail files and little metal skulls and various chemical concoctions.  I think six of them still need more bits so I will be busting out my bits still on a sprue, maybe even bust open of the many boxes I still have shrink wrapped for some fresh bits too. Some bases still need more bitz

Lots is going on in the hobby, the Lead Adventure Forum is running their Iron Painter or whatever contest.  The Iron refers to your ass or your will power as the goal is to paint 10 groups of five models over a ten week period.  You can get started early, as in right now.  Scale doesn’t matter, so I’d be better served painting small models not say Nurgle Terminators.  These models on my table right now won’t be eligible, they need to be in groups of five, not three, and rebasing doesn’t count as freshly painted, no matter how many little bits you glue on the bases.

Lead Painters League

I like to paint in groups of four sometimes even less.  I often paint one or two models just to add to a squad or to give me another option.  I’m going to have to alter my painting preference and re-order my queue.  I’m also going to have to dig into the many, many, models I own that are unpainted and find some that will score the odd bonus points.  First up is non-combatants.  I thought of some, I don’t know who manufactured them, or who traded them to me, but I have some dancing ladies that got thrown into a trade about 15 years ago.  They are definitely unarmed, in fact I think they are pretty much naked.  They are also smaller than 28mm so they will paint up quickly.

I will do up five Khorne Bezerkers though in reality I need to paint six…  One I think will remain unpainted until after the contest.  I will also paint up some Night Goblin Archers and a Big Boss for one of my units.  It is the basing that worries me there.  Normally I base the whole unit, in one go, that is 30+ Night Goblins in this case.  We’ll see how I feel, it takes a whole day to do the multi step basing process on that many models.

I’ll also be doing up some regular goblins armed with say a sword to serve as war machine crew.  Again I think I need six, so this time I’ll probably just do six.  I’m going to make custom movement trays for everything, so again basing these models will be way more work.

If I can get all that done in ten weeks I’ll be doing pretty good.  Might do up some Zombies or something for my Servants of Decay army.  Either that and go way off the wagon and buy something just for the contest, say the Fellowship of the Ring.

Wish me luck and stay tuned as I’ll try to update say weekly.

Test Game of 40K

Regular Vancouver tournament nemesis James Russo called me up the other day.  He has been working on a scenario for Astro Vancouver based around the GW Battleboard and the hill I donated to last year’s Astronomi-con.  He’s dubbed it the battle of Muskie Hill.

We played on Thursday, I had had two job interviews that day, and still ended up unemployed.  So after ditching my suit and since my Nurgle terminators are queued up on the painting table, I decided to finally re-base my old ones on 40mm round bases.  I thought I had enough, but turns out I was three short, the three I used to base the Forgeworld Deathguard Terminators, they should have been on resin bases I guess…  I can’t remember every detail of every modeling project I ever planned out, that’s why you write stuff down. Re-basing old Nurgle Terminators

I decided to use 2 part resin epoxy because gravity would hold the models to their new bigger bases.  However the fancy syringe device I bought to apply the epoxy didn’t work.  The yellow part was two viscous or solid to expel from the tube.  So I ended up with a bit of a mess and sub-optimal mixtures of epoxy resin.  I used a lot of toothpicks to get the other part of the resin mixture out of the syringe and though it took a while, all the bases held together for the trip to James’ house and the entire game.  I also begged three more 40mm round bases off of James while there.

For an army list I decided to use at least one of the new Nurgle Havocs I’d just finished painting and went with my 10 man, Plasma Gun and Autocanon squad that I dreamed up years ago and finally finished painting twins of.  Then I brought my “Longed Four” Havoc squad with four more autocanons and if you hadn’t guessed it, I fielded yet more autocanons with the Nurgle Terminators.  Picking all these squads was easy, and I through in another squad that I’d been dreaming of using since before the latest codex came out, Noisemarines. Ten man strong Nurgle terminator squad

James couldn’t grasp this squad, it is six men, with one single Blastmaster.  It is cheap, fearless, has a heavy weapon, and can move and fire the heavy weapon.  It is going to remain a staple of my army for the year leading up to 2011 Astronomi-con Vancouver.

I needed some HQ so since portability in addition to autocanons and just plain time spent sitting on a shelf were the attributes I picked this army around, I went with two Chaos Sorcerers.  Most people don’t seem to dig on them, but they can be cheap HQs and if they get lucky can do damage with their Force Weapon.  I never get lucky. My new gaming dice

The other thing I got to debut at James’ house was my new dice.  I’m notoriously unlucky, and another regular tournament nemesis is color blind and my old nurgle dice were hard to read.  So I got new ‘toxic green’ dice which I had to wait for them to restock at a store online.  I also got green Bolter and Chainsword dice which proved a lot easier to read than the toxic ones and will be my main gaming dice going forward.  Finally I ordered some special red dice for plasma guns as the one is replaced by a skull signifying you burnt yourself.  It shouldn’t change the odds, but if used consistently can speed up the game.  Big B&C green dice for heavy weapons, little toxic dice for bolters, red dice for plasma guns.  Shooting should be a snap for all.

As I pulled out my miniatures at James’ house, I realized Internet experts will hate this army.  I also broke all my own little rules, that I’ve been following when building armies for tournaments.  I had:

  • No Powerfist
  • No Unit Champions
  • No Lascanon
  • No Vehicles
  • No mobility
  • No dedicated assault squad

My sub-optimal Chaos army

What I had was a bunch of autocanons, a bunch of bolters, a bunch of toughness 5 models and a few initiative 5 models.  I also had a 400+ point squad that was just a collection of figures.  I’d used ten terminators in a squad once before, because it used to be fairly portable, but with the new bigger bases I need to use my biggest miniature case to transport them.  They did well against Rob’s Imperial Guard, but it seems likely they are unlikely to earn their points back, and that they’d ultimately end up under a pie plate or other wonder weapon.

They have one thing going for them, they are a total surprise, no one plans to kill ten toughness 5 terminators.  It just isn’t on people’s radar or playtest list.  I use little kid tactics with them, I walk forward and shoot.  That is all they do until they have to fight in H2H which usually goes pretty well for them, but it is their mobile anti-Infantry firepower that is fun.  They also kill Chimeras pretty well.

I quite liked this army and if the weather improves may take a variation of it to Strategies tomorrow for a little more gaming action.  But right now it is pouring down rain.  This is kinda the army I was thinking of taking to Trumpeters.  I don’t want to have to paint anything special, but I think drop one Nurgle Renegade Squad and a sorcerer, add some Plaguemarines in a rhino and for even less optimal autocanon love, a dreadnought, the Beast Rabaan.  Also based on how the game went, some melta bombs and another Chainfist would be nice.  But I don’t want to paint another terminator, so I may just make the chainfist guy a champion for an extra attack.

Actual Battle Report

How I deployed my forces

James’ mission revolves around taking a flag at the top of a hill.  So it is basically a higher ground or king of the hill type mission.  I’ve played those before but with no APCs and no dedicated assault squads I was in for a bit of a slog.  I was expecting Tyranids so I planned to just blast them with autocanons and then use the termies to contest.  The sorcerers didn’t end up doing much, neither did the Nurgle Renegades, the squads that saved the day were the Noise Marines and their Initiative 5, plus their sorcerer buddy, Lefty with his Initiative 6 and of course the steady diet of 8 autocanon shots the “Longed Four” kicked out every turn.  Terminator armor and cover are all well and fine but I got off 48 shots with autocanons from that squad alone during the course of the game.

James’ army was Codex Marines, I think he called them the Emerald Guard or the Emerald Legion.  They were green and I’d never seen them before.  They were still WIP, but for the most part had a tactical squad, a devastator squad with 4 missile launchers, a terminator squad with cyclone missile launcher, two scout squads, a Librarian in Terminator Armor, a twin-linked Lascanon dreadnought and three landspeeders in a squadron that I never shot at once.

The game went how I expected it.  Both sides advanced most of their army up the hill.  Difficult terrain rolls play a factor, but you can run, if you decide not to try and shoot.  James got a lot of cover saves, me not so many.  Since power armor gives you a 3+ save, often I set up to maximize what I can see and just suck up the incoming fire.  The terminators drew a lot of incoming fire.  James’ dread rolled a lot of ones.  Eventually there was H2H between the surviving three terminators and the dread, plus the Nurgle Sorcerer McFly who was hanging around with them for safety.  He couldn’t hurt the dread, only the Chainfist dude could.  So despite penetrating every round I rolled a 4, then a 3, then a 2 as the game dragged on.

James advances his forces

As alluded to, the Noisemarines without Sonic Blasters walked forward and fired their Blastmaster.  Their sorcerer tried to cast his spell (Doombolt) but was nullified.  Eventually James charged them with his ‘assault’ scouts.  I thought this was a mistake and told him that at Initiative 5, I was going to enjoy going first.  I think he charged in some tactical marines eventually too.  The sorcerer and his Force Weapon which counts as a Power Weapon did his thing.

Hand to hand fighting on the hill top

The two Nurgle Renegade squads didn’t do so much.  One was forced to take point on the assault up the hill and was reduced to one model fairly rapidly.  That model then skulked around for a turn or two before dying.  The other squad fired their autocanon and eventually their plasma gun more and advanced much more slowly.  They eventually ran for it as the game came to a close.

If the game had ended on turn 5, James would have won, but it continued and my Slaneesh Sorcerer was able to defeat his foes and run to within 3 inches of the flag with the consolidation move.  If the game had gone another turn, James had planned to fly the Speeders on top of the flag and their would have also been a Chaos Sorcerer VS Space Marine Librarian hoe down.  I may have also gotten some more guys on top of the hill, or just blasted James off with another volley of Autocanon shots.

The game ends in a tie

There were secondary objectives that I largely ignored.  Also my Havocs took a strength 5 hit from an earthquake or something for not getting on the hill.  They were fine.  It ended up a 7,7 tie as non of James’ carefully chosen secondary objectives and mission penalties applied.

Scoring seven points in an Astro game is pretty damn good. Maybe not good enough if you want to win best general, but seven is well above the average score I usually earn, and with a totally thrown together army too.

Second Test Post

It seemed to me that before the posts were appearing in reverse chronological order.  I’ve never seen that before, WordPress is always adding new features which is another reason I have a blog to expirement with, but also a self hosted blog that I can test things out on.

I dug up another photo which probably hasn’t been widely seen, instead of an Ork Nob it contains three OOP (Out of Print) Chaos Terminators.  I’ve got a lot of painted terminators that I never use, I plan to rebase them.  I have some of the Forgeworld Nurgle ones on my table which I’ll get to in a couple months, they seem to always get put off, as mainly they are just for fun figs.  Nurgle terminators are too expensive pointswise to use regularly in small scale Warhammer 40,000 games.

Out of Print Chaos Terminators

I painted them quite a while ago, I’m not even sure they’ve all hit the gaming table, but they probably have by now.