Almost finished Khorne Bezerkers

Today was a lazy day. I slept in. It rained hard. I stayed in bed. Eventually I got out of bed and surfed the net and painted the power weapon on the Bezerker Champion. I left that until today, after painting a little bit last night. I’d paint a bit, then watch an episode or two of Battlestar Galactica on DVD then paint some more.

I finished up the skulls and armor for the most point. I painted on the purple flames. I even did the pale blue skin, which didn’t go perfectly smooth, but came out well enough. I touched up  a bit and the last major thing to paint on the models was the Aspiring Champions power weapon.

I’d used up good power weapon colors of blue and purple already on these models, so I opted for a bit of mint/jady green. I used about a half dozen different paints all made by Vallejo or GW and blended and mixed them on a wet palette. Not my best work but good enough and unique enough to stand out on the battlefield or in the miniature display case.

Almost completely painted Khorne Bezerkers

Now the biggest problem facing me as far as completing these models, is the fancy resin bases. The two on the left will be easy, they just have some dirt and skulls, but the other three. That will require some highlighting and detail work all their own. Maybe I’ll be able to finish them tomorrow, but probably not after how little I accomplished today.

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2 thoughts on “Almost finished Khorne Bezerkers”

  1. From what I can see, they look nice. I love the old half-armored WE assault guys, and it was a nice touch to paint the other helmets skull-like, good tie-in. I think the green power axe looks good.

  2. I painted all my bezerkers with skull helms. It saved me having to worry about having a perfect bisected scheme for the helmet. I also discovered when doing some Nurgle terminators that having the helmet in a different lighter color really looks good. It helps the model pop and draws attention to the face.

    Someone wrote about a triangle theory in painting miniatures with the eye naturally drawn to the head and the hands and by extension to the weapons the hands are holding. So doing an extra layer of highlighting on the hands and face or using different colors there gives you more bang for your buck.

    I remember when those World Eater assault marine models were brand new. Most everyone hated them. I didn’t own them at the time or play with any Khorne troops, but I collected every bezerker ever made or tried to. And then picked the four I thought would look best in my scheme. I actually put some more paint on the bases. I would like to finish them this weekend, but I’m not going to knock myself out. I’m going to run out of Battlestar Galactica episodes. I’m already on disk 3 of season 4.5, oh well maybe Babylon 5 rewatching is next, that is a lot of hour long episodes.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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