Return of the Purple Plague Marines

Last night I finally forced myself to pick up the brushes again. I don’t think it is a coincidence I stopped painting during yet more purple plague marines/Nurgle renegades. I think one of the reasons I’m tired of painting them is I’ve done just about everything twice and I never even get to use them in games anymore as I have so many painted.

The models aren’t finished but I did finish the armor and most of the metallics. I used the regular colors: Foundry Royal Purple triad, Boltgun Metal, Chainmail, Mithril Silver and Tin Bitz & Brazen Brass. Throw in a few washes and there you go. Time to take a picture.

Next I will paint the bones and cables. But first I’ll probably do a little black touch up work. Even though they are the last and and probably least important batch I still want them to look good. I used pieces from a wide variety of kits for these but mainly: Plague Marine Havocs, Forgeworld Death Guard Conversion Kits, Chaos Havocs and I think a 3rd Edition box set Space Marine Missile Launcher.

I’m running out of Chaos Space Marine Torsos and even more so legs. I think I’ll be all right as I have plenty of models assembled and primed that aren’t Chaos Space Marines. I also have old metal models which I’ll be using to fill out my force.

WIP Purple Plaguemarines

The Orks and Goblins Army Book is supposedly coming out in March so I’ll buy that and maybe finally get a fully painted Goblin army on the table.

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