Painting Plague Marines still am I.

I managed to finish one purple plague marine and I’m almost finished a more classical looking Diseased Sons…

So the last few days I have been on staycation while my mom was in town. We had a heatwave so it was tough painting to start but I managed to finish one purple plague marine and I’m almost finished a more classical looking Diseased Son. I used some old techniques and some new techniques. I also used some old and some brand new Citadel Contrast Paints so I’ll try to recollect basically what I did below and include both WIP and a finished miniature photo.

Purple and Green armour

If you’ve been following along you’ll know I’m painting both purple and green plague marines and for the lone purple plague marine I decided to try priming it with Wraithbone and using Shyish Purple as a base. It was not an overwhelming success but painting secondary parts of the model like the tabard are much easier. Of course for the black base coated model I went back and painted a bunch of things like skulls, tubes, and yes the tabard with Wraithbone so I could once again use Contrast Paints to try and speed things up.

Lots of Wraithbone

My problem with Contrast Paints is I can’t just do one coat and done. Usually I put a wash or some edge highlights or sometimes I go crazy and use washes, glazes, contrast medium, and highlights on some minor piece like the tubing or the pustules. But I’ve seen people do this bruised skin looking tubing and I thought it looked good so I did my attempt at it. Not sure I should have painted the tubing inside red though.

I do like Contrast paints for bones, some odd skin tones, and cloth so I’m hoping to use them extensively when I get back to painting Chaos Cultists and then I’ll have to resist temptation to keep highlighting and shading.

On the purple model’s tabard I used the new Garaghak’s Sewer but it came out pretty close to Snakebite Leather over Wraithbone. I added some highlights and washes but there isn’t much difference between the two. One paint I did use a lot was Mortarion Grime, it isn’t too strong, when I want more browny green or greenie brown I reach for Baby Poop.

The green plague marine has a Basilicanum Grey tabard and I just realized I didn’t paint a unit marker on the purple plague marine, he is supposed to be a member of the Scarlet Fevers. It has been a long time since I added a new model to an existing squad, I thought I was done with plague marines purple or otherwise.

I spent a lot of time on the metallics using Tinny Tin, Gun Metal, and some GW metallics including a pretty old pot of silver, the new pot I bought seems to work less well, it is not mixed well and no amount of shaking seems to fix it, maybe I’ll have to try using a tool. I’m even tempted to get one of those paint pot shakers.

Finished the metallics on the models

Tesseract Glow was used on the slime. You have to put it on pretty thick, but then I put an old green glaze, the ones with the red lids over it, that seems to have yielded good results quickly. Nurgle’s Rot is more yellow and less opaque so I use it over other paints to tint them. I also use bright coloured paints and I have some fluorescent ink I’ve yet to try.

Both these models are mounted on resin bases but I bought them long ago and I’m not sure who made them, but one may have been from Dragon Forge Design, I’ve ordered a lot of bases off Jeff over the years.

I am almost done painting the unit markings on the plague marine with the blight launcher, the first new plague marine I’ve painted. I want to paint a bunch more blight launchers, I bought the the bits so we’ll see how easy the conversion turns out to be. I want to put two into Gangrene squad and then I’m not sure which squad I’ll add one to, possibly Jaundice or the AXE gang.

Gangrene Squad
Classic Diseased Sons

The last step is taking a picture and posting it to the Internet, specifically Flickr, but I often miss bits and I like to seal my models, so sometimes I take a picture before sealing it, in case the colours are affected, but generally the lights and the digital tomfoolery affects the colours more than Citadel sealant, that is the brand I tend to use.

Purple Plague Marine
New School Purple Plague Marine

If you have thoughts on painting plague marines and whether a black base coat is better than a lighter one, or if I should just switch to coloured primer and simplify my paint scheme, you can leave your thoughts below.


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