Painting Plague Marines Still

of course I’m also painting mud, skulls and Nurglings too…

Of course I’m also painting mud, skulls and Nurglings too. Always be painting Nurglings, I actually bought another box of them because I’m out of single Nurglings, the last one I had off sprue was glued on to Bob the Necessary Evil this week.

In fact that Nurgling is the only part of Gangrene that isn’t done. I don’t have to finish it tonight and there are lots of parts of the models I’d like to improve but for now they just get bigger bases with more skulls and mud, plus of course the champion of the squad gets a Nurgling on his base.

Purple Diseased Son using Shyish Purple

I’m also painting a purple plague marine. I used Wraithbone to prime him and thinned Shyish Purple as the first coat. Then things get weird, well weird if you’re a GW fanboy as I used 19B Royal Purple from the Foundary Paint System. This isn’t a great match for Shyish or for my old dried out Citadel colors but it is what I have and have used recently. Then I used Warcolours violet shade, this is probably my favourite paint of the ones I ordered from them. I used it un-thinned but it was just obscuring my tiny lines so I thinned it. Then of course would come 19A and more tiny lines and then to try and tie it together Purple Glaze with a red lid and an octagon pot. Those were great GW paints and I wish I had the whole set.

No 40K This Weekend

Bill was out of commission so I took that as a sign I should paint, but I never put in that many hours, we’ll see how the Purple Diseased Son ends up. I might paint one more Purple plague marine, but I might go back to the black basecoat. I’ll have to try a Contrast green plague marine, I keep buying paints and testing them on Nurglings or small parts of models. I tried Kroak Green Shade on my latest Nurgling, that might be a winner.

Although no Warhammer 40,000 was played at least not by us in our narrative campaign, the regulars and one extra attempted to play a 9000 point a side Horus Heresy game. I managed to watch one turn, if it doesn’t look like a fair fight it is because the Imperial Fists were late and everyone and their dog was in reserves.

9000 points of Horus Heresy supposedly

It was actually Aiden’s birthday so I walked down to the Sentry Box to wish them well, Mortarion had just arrived when I left, his Spartan had been destroyed, it is one of the grey ones but Mortarion himself and his bodyguard were painted.

As I may have revealed last week I planned on adding some more Blightlords both to my collection and to my squad in the narrative campaign and although Sentry Box had several boxes last week, when I got there this Saturday there were none, they did have Nurglings which I may eventually field, but my paint queue is going to go plague marines, blightlords then new HQ after Maceo’s not unexpected demise. I’ll paint him as a spawn but he’s back to sitting in my display case.

Maceo the Retired

This weekend I took it pretty easy but I did exercise and I did paint and now I have updated this blog. I was tying to finish off the bases on five models tonight, but I just don’t need to, tomorrow is #MiniatureMonday so I’ll probably paint again and post to the Gram. I just have the fine detail work to do on the Nurgling and I prefer to do that when I’m fresh.

I’ll also find out if contrast power armour saves me time or yields better results than my traditional black basecoat Diseased Sons’ technique. I do think contrast paint will speed up some of the secondary parts of the model like the cloth tabard but for true metallics I think I prefer painting those over black. I did pick up some Mortarion Grime maybe that will become the new Devlan Mud at least among Death Guard and Nurgle players.

If you have thoughts on painting plague marines or Nurgle miniatures you can leave them below.

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