40K Narrative Campaign Week 15

News of Maceo’s untimely demise spread quickly through the Pariah Nexus and none other than Captain Snazzy Pants himself was looking to take advantage of the power vacuum…

News of Maceo’s untimely demise spread quickly through the Pariah Nexus and none other than Captain Snazzy Pants himself was looking to take advantage of the power vacuum. Fortunately McFly the Malevolent assumed the role of warlord over the ragtag units of Diseased Sons ostensibly scouring the sector for ancient artifacts.

Bob’s new Nurgling

The fifteenth week of our narrative campaign fell on a holiday long weekend, my mom and sister were in town but I was able to escape to play Bill in yet another game of Warhammer 40,000. Others were not able to escape and rumour has it that some may have even played Marvel Crisis Protocol. We are also experiencing a bit of a heatwave so I am not sure if I’ll do much painting, but I will try. But I did finish one whole Nurgling since my last update, maybe even more…

Bill has insinuated that we are entering the serious part of our campaign even though the next book “Plague Purge” is not his favourite but it will alter our campaign sufficiently because we will now have all the Chaos players allied together against the Imperium plus with the disappearance of the Sisters of Battle, the Orks may be manipulated to fight against Chaos.


The mission we randomly rolled was Obolis Incursion. It has six objectives which are represented by little green flags as apparently I must paint two more Nurgling invested objectives, they are low on the painting priority list. We also chose agendas Bill wants us to choose more of the special new agendas but honestly they have proved hard to accomplish, I tried Calculated Eradication but I also selected Turn Hope to Rot and after deployment chose the Avenging Sons who are not righteous in any way.

We both also got to make one unit have the Objective Secured ability so I gave mine to Boris, I think the Ultramarines gave theirs to their new Dreadnought without an interesting name. I chose not to try and destroy that, one of many mistakes I made in this game.

I tried to draw out Ultramarines but they actually had more units than me but I deployed Stumpy Spawn of Chaos first and I protected the defiler but then I placed my Blightlords opposite the infiltrators which then resulted in the Eradicators being placed nearby. I had also placed my dreadnought in cover too, so the end result was all the biggest Ultramarine guns were aimed at the Right Hard Posse.

The armies deployed

Battle Round One

The Ultramarines won the rolloff to go first and seized the advantage opting to move a little and have almost every unit target the Right Hard Posse. Apparently I had forgotten how much I hate the Eradicators. You can tell I hate them because I remember what they are called. Captain Snazzy Pants tried to make it the Devastator Doctrine but apparently he had been cheating this entire time…

My left flank

The Infiltrators were the first to shoot causing two wounds to my terminators. The onslaught autocannon also fired at the Blightlords but apparently I am really good at rolling twos on a D6. Then the Eradicators got to shoot, killing three whole models after I failed all my invulnerable saves. I forgot my Grizzled ability but it would not have mattered most likely. I also mostly forgot my new Veteran Warriors Battle Honour on Syphilis.

Two Blightlords survive

The Redemptor Dreadnought decided to get cute and split fire. Bill also used a command point to turn one shot into five shots with the plasma gun but I think I made the saves, to start my turn I had the champion, Ostiperosis the Old School, and the Reaper Autocannon but perhaps I should have kept the Plague Spewer. Lastly the tactical squad managed to kill one member of Gangrene after I failed yet another armour save.

Death Guard Turn One

Super Smite!

I’ll need to update my rules cheat sheet but as I gain more Battle Scars and Battle Honours. What I really need apparently is relics as characters can apparently have more than one in a narrative campaign. The winner of this mission was to get a campaign relic.

For the start of this turn I moved generally ahead with everything not holding an objective the cast Miasma on Syphilis and Smite on the Avenging Sons. Then I apparently forgot something, I believe this is when I remembered I had Grizzled, but I would not have been able to roll enough sixes to survive in all likelihood.

In the shooting phase Syphilis split fire and killed one model. The Blightlords even with their reduced composition killed two of the Infiltrators. Toejam‘s lascannon missed and my command re-roll failed, but Boris did 6 wounds with his Defiler cannon and ultimately 8 wounds total on the big dreadnought but it still didn’t die.

The Right Hard Posse charged the Infiltrators but Bill after consulting the big book of Space Marines decided not to use his Haywire Mine even though I advised him to as Toejam ultimately failed his charge roll. But apparently I forgot his super charged engines also help charges, but it may not have mattered. Boris charged the Invader ATV successfully and ripped it apart. The Blightlords were much less successful, I forget how many ones I rolled but a lot.

Toejam’s engines were not supercharged enough

Battle Round Two

In this mission you could not score victory points in the first turn so despite the carnage or where the models are standing no one officially held or captured any objectives yet, but you score at the end of your command phase so the Ultramarines scored five for holding two but none in my deployment zone.

Battle Round Two

As you’ll notice the courageous infiltrating Ultramarines withdrew from melee using some stratagem. And since Boris the Defiler crushed the ATV and Toejam failed his charge there was once again a target rich environment for the Eradicators. The Retributor Dreadnought and the Gravis Captain moved forward to set up their own charges.

Shooting was less damaging to start this battle round but Boris and Toejam both took wounds. Then Captain Snazzy pants charged the Blightlords however Bill realized he forgot to shoot the Eradicators so I let him and used Foul Smokescreen on Boris to try and save him but he ended up taking 9 more wounds. When we returned to the Melee phase Snazzy Pants Paragon Blade did 4 wounds to the Blightlords which killed one.

The Retriputor Dreadnought without an interesting name also got to fight first and finished off Boris. I thought about forcing an explosion but it would cost two command points so then I rolled a die and Boris exploded anyway. He damaged both the Retriputor and worse the explosion killed my last Blightlord Terminator before he got to fight against Captain Snazzy Pants.

Before the big bang

Death Guard Turn Two

Of course I started out by moving and advancing Gangrene, they can still shoot their melta gun, the first of hopefully many melta guns and assault weapons I add to my campaign force. But before the shooting phase is the psychic phase and I again super smote the Avenging Sons. This time it was boxcars but I just took the three mortal wounds, rather than use a command re-roll, though I used McFly’s Revolting Resilience to shrug off one.

Look who is at the front of the battle line?

So after melting another Avenging Son which was my agenda I noticed that Captain Snazzy Pants was alone at the front of the Ultramarine battle line. This fact inspired Bill to play Unyielding in the Face of the Foe and Transhuman. I decided to try Virulent Rounds on Syphilis so this required some thinking how these three stratagems would interact, but honestly plague weapons are not as good as they were when I had an Arch-Contaminator as a warlord.

The plasma guns of Syphilis Squad all failed to wound. Toejam also proved inept not hitting with his lascannon arm then I used a command re-roll to make a Krak missile wound. This resulted in the Redemptor Dreadnought exploding which actually killed one miscellaneous Ultramarine maybe, as all three Eradicators are in the picture above it would have been an Infiltrator.

Toejam after scoring his first kill of the campaign was feeling it so he charged Captain Snazzy Pants. In the olden days you could safely be stuck in H2H but now at least against the Ultramarines they always withdraw and then shoot instead of staying “stuck in”. Toejam is in fact not very good in melee and took a wound for his presumptuousness.

Battle Round Three

Charge is the only order worth remembering.

It wouldn’t be an Ultramarine turn if someone didn’t withdraw from combat only to re-engage, this time it was Captain Snazzy Pants himself, maybe he didn’t want to be kicked to death by Toejam?

This of course allowed the Avenging Sons to do 3 wounds to Toejam as I must have again rolled poorly on my armor saves. Now I play Putrid Detonation only to learn Toejam doesn’t explode with as big of a radius as Boris. I thought I’d get three units of Ultramarines but had to settle for killing an Eradicator.

The Intercessors charge Gangrene and McFly intervenes because he is an inspiring leader. The Gravis Captain also charged Gangrene successfully. The Intercessors fought first and rolled a tonne of dice but they can’t re-roll because they feel shame so McFly survives. Gangrene did not.

Death Guard Turn Three

There was now a distinct lack of Diseased Sons on the battlefield and Syphilis has been hanging back holding one of the objectives in my deployment zone but once again Captain Snazzy Pants was all alone in front of them. But before they could draw a beed on him McFly did four mortal wounds to the Ultramarines in the psychic phase and even cast Miasma on Syphilis which itself did a mortal wound because there are plenty of models within seven inches.

Syphilis looks upon the Gravis Captain with disdain.

Despite firing nine plague marines worth of guns at him, the Gravis Captain survived so of course Syphils had moved forward and now charge in and I bust out the Trench Fighters stratagem. I may have used Eternal Hatred in the shooting phase I definitely used it once this game. Syphilis did four wounds on Captain Snazzy Pants but he saved all but one. McFly killed the Intercessors.

Battle Round Four

Although I haven’t been updating the score in this battle report we did keep score and basically despite me almost getting and perhaps deserving more points we had each scored five victory points on turn two and three for holding the objectives in our deployment zone.

It wouldn’t be an Ultramarine turn if they didn’t fall back and re-engage. Captain Snazzy Pants does a lot of moving backwards and yielding in the face of the foe for the creme de l’creme of the Ultramarines, but this of course allows him to use his fist gun and McFly’s luck ran out. This was the first kill by fist gun all campaign.

Forgotten in the narrative, but not in our hearts, Stumpy Spawn of Chaos has been hiding behind a crate and holding an objective but after an Infiltrator blew up a terrain feature in my deployment zone which was one of the Ultramarine agendas he moved forward but failed his charge roll. He was then targeted by a Krak missile but Stumpy survived and his legend grew.

Once again the Ultramarines declared a bunch of charges, first up was the Avenging Sons who charged Syphilis who declared overwatch and with their Sensitive Dermatitis killing them all. Snazzy Pants failed his charge roll and this left Syphilis Squad fighting the Eradicators and the sergeant of the Infiltrators who I really should have killed by now.

Syphilis passed their morale test to end the Ultramarines turn and Stumpy immediately moved back behind his crate. I was running out of command points by now but I had enough for the Blightening. This allows me to roll 18 dice which auto hit. I think I forgot that part just like I forgot their Veteran Warrior status except perhaps on turn one. This resulted in the Sergeant finally dying as I split my attacks proportionately among the three Ultramarines Syphils was facing. Defenders fighting first helped them but the Ultramarines could not rid themselves of Syphilis.

The Ultramarines charge in to catch Syphilis

Battle Round Five

It wouldn’t be an Ultramarine turn if someone didn’t withdraw and re-engage this time it was the Eradicators, did I mentions I hate those guys and will kill them with extreme prejudice next time!

This resulted in Syphilis being finally eradicated but no Ultramarines were in my deployment zone and Stumpy still was, so the game was declared a draw! The final score was officially 15 to 15.

Post Game

I was pretty tired by now, so we didn’t do everything in the store or go to the pub but we did roll battle scars. I was lucky and only picked up one, Toejam’s communication system is now damaged. He also has Frenzy, a rule I’ve never remembered to use. Does it affect shooting too? I’ll try to give him a couple more chances but the Defiler is just better and only 2 power more.

Most of my units have levelled up recently and I was trying to keep the Blightlords from doing so but I still think I gave them MVP, but the unit that earned a skill was Stumpy Spawn of Chaos and I decided to give him a weapon enhancement, I just double checked and there is no reason I can’t. If the unit has a sergeant he gets the enhancement, but this seems to be more popular for vehicles but why not enhance his hideous mutations, now they have Fleshbane which is damage two.

After re-reading the Calculated Eradication agenda I believe McFly and Syphilis both achieved this as did Toe Jam. You can see in the pictures the Redemptor is right on top of an objective when I blew it up. I know we measured when Toejam killed the ATV but then I forgot to track this carefully, after I caved to Bill’s pressure and chose a new special agenda. With the three-way tie I also get to pick who gets the two bonus XP. I decided to give it to Syphilis, they did the most as usual, though McFly acquitted himself well.

With the high number of models having multiple wounds in the campaign and some having over twenty like Lord Godrick I am a big fan of doing more than one damage at a time after going through all the trouble of hitting, wounding, getting passed the armour, you want to make something dead, not just do a flesh wound.

Two Saturdays in a row the Sentry Box has not had any Blightlords in fact they hadn’t gotten a shipment of Death Guard models in a while but they had got the new sexy GW models. I can convert more Blightlords but I like to paint different models so was planning to get a box and now with my desire to hunt down and kill Lord Godrick and Captain Snazzy Pants I think the Right Hard Posse is the unit for the job if I can just optimize them a bit more and not deploy them so they get eradicated first turn.

If you have thoughts on our narrative campaign or the Plague Purge book or Blightlord Terminators you can leave them below. And the reason plague bearers are in the header image is the rumour is 25% daemons may be back…

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