Everyone’s Doing Cool Sh!t But Me!

Well maybe not everyone but a lot of the miniature painting and hobby blogs I follow are making me look even lazier than I already am. I thought after my last game, I’d get in some more games and get my hobby mojo going again, but it didn’t happen. I still do a lot of thinking and planning, but not enough getting off my ass and doing. In truth I have bigger problems than lack of hobby output, but I have so many cool ideas and so much money invested in this hobby, I really should try and do something.Nurgle Terminators on Bigger Bases

Either that or I should move up my excess hobby crap sell off date…

Anyway inspired by one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time, I resumed rebasing my Nurgle Terminators. I kinda wish I had one more armed with Chainfist. I could convert another one up, I have the parts, but I have enough models I need to paint and I think just making my one chainfist guy a champ will accomplish almost as much.

I’ve got them all on 40mm round bases now and I commenced gluing bits to them. I raided my bits box and gluded on a bunch of 28mm metal skulls I got from Black Cat Bases. It’s not all glamorous showpiece projects, sometimes you have to spend an evening with nail files and little metal skulls and various chemical concoctions. I think six of them still need more bits so I will be busting out my bits still on a sprue, maybe even bust open one of the many boxes I still have shrink wrapped for some fresh bits too. Some bases still need more bitz

Lots is going on in the hobby, the Lead Adventure Forum is running their Iron Painter or whatever contest. The Iron refers to your ass or your will power as the goal is to paint 10 groups of five models over a ten week period. You can get started early, as in right now. Scale doesn’t matter, so I’d be better served painting small models not say Nurgle Terminators.  These models on my table right now won’t be eligible, they need to be in groups of five, not three, and rebasing doesn’t count as freshly painted, no matter how many little bits you glue on the bases.

I like to paint in groups of four sometimes even less. I often paint one or two models just to add to a squad or to give me another option. I’m going to have to alter my painting preference and re-order my queue. I’m also going to have to dig into the many, many, models I own that are unpainted and find some that will score the odd bonus points. First up is non-combatants. I thought of some, I don’t know who manufactured them, or who traded them to me, but I have some dancing ladies that got thrown into a trade about 15 years ago. They are definitely unarmed, in fact I think they are pretty much naked. They are also smaller than 28mm so they will paint up quickly.

I will do up five Khorne Bezerkers though in reality I need to paint six… One I think will remain unpainted until after the contest. I will also paint up some Night Goblin Archers and a Big Boss for one of my units. It is the basing that worries me there. Normally I base the whole unit, in one go, that is 30+ Night Goblins in this case. We’ll see how I feel, it takes a whole day to do the multi step basing process on that many models.

I’ll also be doing up some regular goblins armed with say a sword to serve as war machine crew. Again I think I need six, so this time I’ll probably just do six. I’m going to make custom movement trays for everything, so again basing these models will be way more work.

If I can get all that done in ten weeks I’ll be doing pretty good. Might do up some Zombies or something for my Servants of Decay army. Either that and go way off the wagon and buy something just for the contest, say the Fellowship of the Ring.

Wish me luck and stay tuned as I’ll try to update say weekly.

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One thought on “Everyone’s Doing Cool Sh!t But Me!”

  1. Oh and I’ll be doing up five Silent Death fighters too as I vowed to run a demo game at Trumpeter’s Salute. Give back to the community and all that BS.

    Tomorrow I got to get even more done if I’m going to get even 5 teams done for the Lead Painter League, let alone the ten that some people will be doing!

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