40K Narrative Campaign Week 12

It was a busy week in the Pariah Nexus with the arrival of not one, not two, but three new forces joining our narrative campaign…

It was a busy week in the Pariah Nexus with the arrival of not one, not two, but three new forces joining our narrative campaign. We didn’t actually gain any new players but with the release of the new Chaos Codex, Devin decided to start his Fallen Alpha Legionaries over using the new and improved rules. Why exactly Daniel and Alex decided to start campaigning with new armies I’m not sure but as a result we went back down to 25 PL which had the additional side effect that many of us got in two games of Warhammer 40,000.

I of course got my copy of the Chaos Codex along with entirely too many data cards I’ll never use. But I’m feeling pretty good that the Diseased Sons will make good Nurgle worshipping Iron Warriors but that tale has yet to be told and two battle reports are not going to write themselves. Maceo still is not a Daemon Prince or a Chaos Spawn and his continual inability to defeat the enemy warlord in melee just shows I didn’t know what I was doing when I chose my starting force as clearly he needs a bigger stick. He also needs to be less honourable.


There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Bill and I were not the first to arrive but we weren’t really late, Thomas and Daniel arrived at basically the same time with Devin arriving before we’d even set up much. Alex apparently slept in having stayed up late choosing which seven models he was going to use. I used the same 25 PL army in what turned out to be two games of the same mission against first Waaargh ‘Eadripper then whatever Alex is calling his Custodes, I’m suggesting the Golden Host with the Most.

The mission we played was Lying in Wait. It is in one of the campaign books and maybe everyone played it slightly wrong the first time. There is an attacker and a defender and the part we forgot the first time is the attacker can only start with three units on the board, this didn’t affect me as I was the defender during the first game, but the second game I had to split my forces and put some in reserves. There was also random bad things happening in our first game it was -1 to charge and advance plus -1 strength to everyone. This didn’t work out so well for the Orks. The second game it was -6″ to the range of vehicle weapons and the Custodes didn’t have any vehicles.

In both games for my agenda I chose “Turn their hope to rot” and in both games I completed it, which gained me two virulence points one I spent after the first game but I only rolled a three resulting in my custom plague becoming Oozing Diseased Buboes which is an improvement but the six in each chart, especially the Infections chart is so much more powerful than a one, two, or a three and I think I started the campaign by rolling a two, a one and a three. So the odds are I can improve everything further but earning virulence points has not proven so easy so I’m saving my other one to create another Plague Carrier.

The goal of the mission for the attacker was to kill three key units. As the defender I made it my three most powerful units. The Golden Host with the Most only had three units so I had to table Alex to accomplish the mission, but there were points for surviving and killing unit so math was involved in determining the victor.

The forces of the Diseased Sons

I didn’t really give it a lot of thought, I just had to take 15 power out of my successful 40 PL list from last week. What made it successful was having both a Defiler and a unit of Blightlords, one of them had to go and fearing Knights I kept the Defiler. I also had to bench McFly.

  • Maceo the Maligned, Chaos Lord of Nurgle 5 PL
  • The Scarlet Fevers led by Killious Bilious the Silliest, five Plague Marines 6 PL
  • The Cancer Cell led by Cancerous the Extremely Naughty, ten Chaos Cultists 3 PL
  • Boris the Defiler, 9 PL
  • Billalexdevin Spawn of Chaos 1 PL
  • Stumpy Spawn of Chaos 1 PL

To start the first game Daniel got three extra command points but now that I remember that battle scars lower your campaign points maybe it should have been two. I actually picked up two more battle scars, one in each game. Daniel also started out rolling sixes and I started out rolling ones so he got to be the attacker and go first but I got to choose sides and true to form just stayed where I was and we easily finished our game before everyone else.

The forces deployed for game one, there are more orks out of frame on the right.

Game One Battle Round One

To start the game the green tide rolled forward or in truth they walked because they had no vehicles and if you look at the pictures it was more of a blue and orange and grey tide. Big shootas in the biggest and most powerful Ork mob killed two cultists. This was the unit that was going to have their ambition turned to rot, after much discussion about if orks had hope.

In my half of the turn I moved even more into a clump. Based on today’s results it seems the Diseased Sons are much better at defending and clumping up than they are at racing across the board but I will requisition them some more maneuverability or just more guns that shoot over 24 inches. As it was the cultists with their meagre firepower killed some boyz as did the Scarlet Fevers but I ruled that Boris couldn’t see anything so my most powerful unit did little but scuttle. Daniel tried to argue that Boris could maybe see something, but he didn’t argue too hard.

The Diseased Sons and Orks maneuver carefully.

Game One Battle Round Two

Cleanse the Xenos with fire!

The orks made a bunch of noise to start the second turn but it didn’t sound like “Waaagh”. They also shot at the cultists and spawn who I had bravely shoved to the front. Of course the orks charged so of course I used overwatch as the Cancer Cell still had their flamer. Some of the orks failed their charge roll twice but some made it killing every cultist but two, they then then failed morale but Cancerous defiantly stood alone against the not very green tide.

In the Death Guard half of the turn Boris and the Scarlet Fevers killed orks. The Scarlet Fevers forced a moral test and the shoota boyz ran!

Stumpy bravely charged into melee killing three Storm Boyz but Cancerous was cut down as was poor Stumpy.

Game One Battle Round Three

Waaagh! Can seven orks declare a Waaagh? Regardless the Ork Warlord decided to charge Maceo but rolled a six then re-rolled getting a nine, neither roll was enough. Other orks did make their charge roll, a Mekboy that was hiding behind the shoota boyz charged the Scarlet Fevers who used their Plague Spewer to spew him to death.

His name was Starguts.

Also let the record show it took four games but I finally rolled a six when I needed to and got my command point back!

Waaagh turns into a whimper.

In the first actual hand-to-hand combat of the battle round the slugga boyz killed Billalexdevin. The Storm Boyz may have taken a wound off Boris but were absolutely crushed by his claws. The minus one strength helped me but in the next game the random rule only hurt me.

Honour goeth before the fall

In my half of the turn Daniel complained he really wanted to see my warlord fight his warlord so I carefully maneuvered and used the Scarlet Fevers to kill the slugga boyz then I decided to not shoot at the ork warboss with either Maceo or Boris and without even asking what terrible relic he was armed with Maceo charged him alone. This resulted in the ork barely being scratched but Maceo took four wounds.

Game One Battle Round Four

After my inexplicable act of honour, ‘Eadripper pasted Maceo as he now got to fight first, but I erupted in filth and even that didn’t bring the last ork down, once again denying Maceo his third Chaos Boon.

Stratagems FTW!

In my half of the turn I definitely shot at the ork warlord but all of Boris’s guns did nothing. I think the Scarlet Fevers may have done better they also made their charge roll and unlike with Maceo I played some stratagems and killed ‘Eadripper.

This game proves that the Pariah Nexus isn’t big enough for two units with bright orange pants.


Stumpy ended up with a battle scar, his second, but it wasn’t until I updated the spreadsheet and re-read the campaign rules for the umpteenth time that I realized it should lower my campaign points by one per battle scar. I gave the Scarlet Fevers MVP for the second game in a row and I also gained an Intersection Point, a Virulence Point and two Requisition Points so while we waited I spent some and developed my Oozing plague. Daniel really wanted to play again so when Bill and Alex finished, I think they were on turn one at this point, we switched opponents but not missions.

The Golden Host with the Most versus the Boring Boys in Blue

Pregame Two

It was this point we learned after I lost yet another rolloff, the attacker had to leave some of his forces in reserve. This didn’t affect the Golden Host with the Most because they only fielded three units. I ended up with my lord and plague marines similar to Bill’s deployment but my guns don’t shoot very far and even shorter than usual thanks to randomness, but Alex had no jet bikes or dreadnoughts so the first two turns flew by and maybe I should have stuck to my potshot strategy but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Also I believe there is a stratagem that extends the range of my guns, this may have been the game to use that ploy. It actually takes two stratagems as I don’t have enough guns that are plague weapons.

Seven on Seven, Nurgle be Praised!

Game Two Battle Round One

After some measuring I realized most of my guns were out of range but I took the first turn anyway as I knew very little about the Golden Host with the Most but I did watch them lose a battle on the Internet once. Boris had to move forward and actually rolled pretty well but all shots were saved by Alex.

In his half of the turn Alex did nothing. None of his guns shoot over 24 inches apparently so I thought why bring on my reserves when I don’t need to…

Game Two Battle Round Two

So I left my reserves in reserve. Alex was not too impressed with my strategy but I did move my plague marines forward but due to the ruins they didn’t move far, but Boris did manage to kill a Custodes with his heavy bolter.

Seven followers of Nurgle against the Imperium

The Aquilon Terminators advanced and somehow despite being armed with fancy heavy flamers they still got to shoot and killed one plague marine, but in the next picture two are missing so probably the non-terminator armoured Custodes killed another.

Game Two Battle Round Three

Hoping to split up the Golden Host with the Most even more I deployed my reserves. They of course have to be nine inches from the enemy but also within six inches of the far table edge. I put the flamer cultist on first, it really isn’t as good as a heavy flamer or a plague spewer. But then I put the two Chaos Spawn on the other side of the Golden Host with the Most. My plague marines and Chaos Lord moved forward as my soldiers are most effective within twelve inches excepting Boris.

Death Guard reinforcements arrive in Battle Round Three

The Scarlet Fevers and Maceo fired at the Aquilon Terminators, I even used the Plague Brewers stratagem, it is not so great because I often roll too few shots, I will paint some more plague spewers but my decision to go with the Chosen Sons has not paid many dividends so I will have to celebrate loudly when things finally do work out.

I will also have to buy and paint two Foul Blightspawn.

The cultists and Boris didn’t do a lot but they were on the board and ready to die to further Nurgle’s plans or are they Tzeentch’s?

Alex played something that sounded like Marshall Katah’s Salvis, but is apparently Martial Ka’tah Salvus, why is everything so hard to spell, given me shootas and slugga boyz, I can spell that. This apparently makes the Custodes shoot better. The Guardian Spears are dangerous they killed the Chaos Spawn. The Aquilon Terminators killed another plague marine.

The Custodes also charged the surviving cultists so of course I fired overwatch, but as mentioned previously a single flamer isn’t that powerful especially when I don’t roll the big six for number of shots. I actually had a lot of command points this game because two or perhaps three times I got my command point back after spending it. After weeks Maceo’s random tactical experience finally did something.

Although the Custode’s shooting went well their Captain failed to roll enough to charge, so of course Alex re-rolled and failed again. It didn’t matter that much though my pistol and brutal assault weapons finally got some use and once again the Cancer Cell passed morale as apparently you always pass on a natural one!

Game Two Battle Round Four

Four for Nurgle, two for the False Emperor

My reinforcements were not long for this world, but they did split up the Golden Host with the Most so I moved forward the Diseased Sons. Maceo actually managed to kill an Aquilon Terminator and infect the survivors with my newly created Oozing Diseased Buboes. But it doesn’t actually do anything, it is a lot of complicated rules but unless you randomly roll the big six at the crucial time, it is just a whole bunch of words on a page, but I do hope when I get more plague weapons on the board, at this moment in time I think I just had one, the rarely taken Plague Spewer.

I declare all the charges. Alex probably used overwatch but both my plague marines made it into melee but one appears to have taken a wound. Maceo also successfully made his charge and after some hemming and hawing as Boris isn’t exactly a standardly shaped model, but he only needed to make it to the barricade, so it was decided he was in.

One oddity about my army is, although I coverted Boris for the first Vancouver Grand Tournament when the rules were so new they didn’t even have an official model, the non-standard shape and size may at times affect the game. It isn’t often that Chaos gets something that the Imperium doesn’t though it is much more common twenty years later. But I wanted a gun that could shoot over 24 inches back in 2003, sound familiar?

I fought first with the Scarlet Fevers as they had the power fist and the least wounds. I even used Trench Fighters but although I gave Killious Bilious the Silliest one plague knife attack, he should always have an extra attack because he is a Vector of Death, or is he Internet? Despite infecting the Aquilon Terminators I didn’t roll any sixes. I actually rolled a lot of crappy dice with Boris especially, over the course of this game.

Round one ends in a draw

Alex chose not to interrupt but he did play Arcane Alchemy which unlike the Ultramarines and apparently our friends the Nurgle Renegades can only be played once a game, but yeah all that complaining in the previous paragraph is because I should be wounding on 2+ because I remember Contagion and Boris hits at strength 16 and even Maceo hits at strength 7 with plus one to wound thanks to his Diseased Talons Chaos Boon.

I did get back the command point for playing Trench Fighters, but I don’t think any models actually died in my half of the battle round.

In the Adeptus Custodes turn four, Maceo must have rolled better, he lost his plus one to wound on the charge from Diseased Talons but the Golden Host with the Most was out of Arcane Alchemy. They did play Slayer of Nightmares so now they had +1 to wound. This resulted in one wound being caused and in the very next photo there are no longer any plague marines on the board. But Boris the Defiler was still strength sixteen and killed the last Aquilon Terminator as eventually they disappear from the photos.

Boris and Maceo stand defiant

The Custodes outnumbered the Diseased Sons above but then in the next photo the Aquilon Terminators disappear. And to start Battle Round Five Boris healed so he took a wound at some point, look carefully at the counter.

Aquilon Terminators ain’t that tough

Game Two Battle Round Five

So after Boris healed, I obviously moved towards the enemy. I had something like five command points and I thought the Aquilon Terminators were not going to die so had planned to shoot into melee with Boris or Release the Toxins but then they died after surviving the initial charge so I moved as close as possible to the regular Adeptus Custodes.

A Fraternity of Heroes stands against the Diseased Sons.

They played something called Fraternity of Heroes, which extended the Heroic Intervention range of the Captain. I knew I would have to fight him eventually, but the plan had been to pick off the junior Custodes first.

I fought first with Maceo and he killed and thus infected the unit. Of course I didn’t have any plague weapons left by then, but I was proud I both remembered the rule and used it correctly. Once you are in Contagion range of the Custodes, they are not as tough and despite me rolling below average with him, Boris killed another.

The Captain on the other hand will take some effort to kill as the narrative campaign advances. Maceo managed to make both his saves, but now Boris was no longer in melee. I don’t know why I couldn’t consolidate into combat but it was ruled I couldn’t.

Since I still had three command points I played Eternal Hatred. The Internet seems to like this one but it never seems to do much for me and costs two CP, but after wounding him and having him fail his armours saves, the Custodes Captain can then shrug off the wound. I still had one command point left but didn’t need it to re-roll saves or to erupt in filth and thus the game ended.

Post Battle and Final Thoughts

The score turned out to be close but the Custodes won. I think I could have won if the game was six battle rounds as at power level twenty five not much is killing Boris and I think a bigger better newer Defiler will eventually happen, but perhaps not for Nurgle. I have the model and I have had it for years, since 2008 apparently, I bought it to get another Havoc Launcher as the one I bought on eBay did not arrive in time for some tournament.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to use the Diseased Sons with the new Chaos Codex as honestly that is how they started, there were no Plague Marines just Nurgle Renegades and I’ve run them that way at tournaments in 1997 and again in 2008. I’ve never really identified as the Death Guard, I guess I want to be more unique than that. I have all sorts of models going back to 2nd Edition and more recently that can not be used using the current Death Guard Codex. I want to do Nurgle Bikers and Nurgle Raptors, but those and other crazy ideas will have to wait until next year.

With how well the Scarlet Fevers are doing I must enbiggen them. I also think they need an assault weapon so I will build and paint my first Plague Marine with a Blight Launcher. I don’t know if I’ll get all that done this week, I doubt it, but that is the new painting priority so the newest Burning Sores will get pushed aside again.

The Cancer Cell now has two battle scars thanks to my ability to both field them and roll key ones. They also have thirteen experience points I think, so they too need to be enbiggened as once you hit sixteen that option goes away. The Scarlet Fevers are currently sitting at 15, this is why I made Maceo MVP of the second match. He is now three experience points away from earning another battle honour. I still hope to kill the enemy warlord with him, but it is possible to achieve Daemonhood or Spawndom without accomplishing that.

I did read in the new Chaos Codex you keep your experience points if you turn into a spawn which is something, but it is better to turn into a Daemon Prince obviously as then you possibly get to keep your relics. If I picked a new Death Guard army list I would have different HQ and I would shift around my relics and warlord traits. Under the newest matched play rules, which we aren’t really using in our now several months old narrative campaign, you have to pay command points for every relic and warlord trait, which is kinda how it is in the narrative campaign except you pay requisition points.

So expect some more painting and modelling posts. I tried hard but playing two games of Warhammer 40,000 and typing up two battle reports is a lot of work, so I gave this a final edit with fresh eyes, but when it does get publish you can leave your thoughts below on how to defeat the Adeptus Custodes and all the units and stratagems I should be using.

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