Trench Table Beginnings

Posted: June 20, 2010 in Terrain, Trench Table, WIP
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One of my long schemed for mega projects is a dedicated gaming table more befitting of my tendency to play almost exclusively Warhammer 40,000.  Of course by play I mean occasionally attend a local tournament, say two a year, with one or two in-store games.  I think you play more when you can host, and in order to host you need a reasonably sized place and table plus terrain.

Expanding modular trench line

I have over a table worth of hills and forrests plus some rocks and the odd building, but with the success of one of my tournament display boards and the amount of stuff you can buy online, I decided to build a really nice table and I decided to make it a modular trench table.  I did a lot of research, I collected a lot of resin scatter terrain and bits I would need to build my table, but time and energy proved ellusive. Modular Trench Terrain

Recently unemployed I’ve worked on my dream table, but I discovered my hobby foam cutter couldn’t handle the big thick foam I wanted to work with and it was hard to make long perfect cuts.  I bought a jab saw along with a couple metal squares, but I had to give up on perfection.  Working on terrain pieces takes a lot more space and makes a lot more mess than painting another squad of plaguemarines.

Undaunted I’ve pushed on.  I was originally going to make one or two squares at a time, but in order to get a decent fit and to better lay out the scatter terrain I ended up cutting and carving almost one entire defensive line before I painted anything.  My plan is to paint the white and pink black.  Then I plan to line all the trenches sides and bottoms with little bits of wood.  This is historically accurate and although this table will probably get used mostly for 40K, there is no reason it can’t serve for World War One or even World War Two in a pinch.  I plan to paint up some Germans and Van Doos someday.

Resin scatter terrain

I painted one test dude, you can see him making sure the firing platforms are the right height.  I made my trenches deeper than most and wider than I intended.  The first square I did was the angle one and three inch wide openings and then drawing the lines looked too narrow.  I want to be able to fit 40mm bases in my trenches along with the planks and firing positions and some scattered stuff.  I’ll make some narrower trenches eventually, but the two initial defensive lines will be bigger than scale to make it easier to game.

First two tiles I made

Almost all the scatter terrain will be loose and thus can be rearranged along with the tiles.  I’ll make a dozen or so extra tiles eventually, but to start I’m make 24 carefully planned tiles.  There are some early ramblings on my personal blog about this and likely on the odd forum, but this is the most I’ve revealed my hand.  I need to switch shortly to finishing up my Astronomi-con Vancouver army, so this table will not be at Astro Van this year, but will be next year for sure.

All the resin terrain show on the tiles so far was made by Snapdragon ( he stopped making them due to injury so I bought rather more than I needed, just before he went out of production, as I thought it would just make things look better.  Other companies I’ve ordered from are listed here.

Constructing Firing Position One

Constructing Firing Position Two

  1. muskie says:

    Check out this WW1 trench table I found while I couldn’t sleep:

  2. muskie says:

    4 inch wide trenches is just too much, it is alright in the corners, especially with dedicated firing platform, but the foot long straight piece looks odd. So I put in some Styrofoam boulders and will go back to my original plan of 3″ wide trenches, measuring an inch and a half from the midpoint of each tile approximately.

    Someday I’ll do some really narrow trenches too. I have no more diagonal corners in my plans.

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