How’s this for a trench table?

Madscuzzy over at the B&C has built one he built in six large pieces so he has some modularity.  He used a lot of sets of Forgeworld trench inserts similar to what Jason Dyer did a few years back for Astronomi-con. His table is all done and he’s gaming on it.

Madscuzzy's Trench Table

When I get mine done it will be more modular, but unfortunately I’m doing all my trench lining by hand and I’ve done a lot more texturing of the battlefield. I’ve gone for a more authentic WW1 look, rather than a pure Sci-fi look of Madscuzzy’s board. Lets see if I can get some pictures of Dyer Straights and his board onto my blog.

Madscuzzy's Trench Table

The first two images are from the Bolter & Chainsword thread and are copyright Madscuzzy who has an overly fancy website where the 40K section doesn’t work quite right…

Below is a picture of Jason Dyer’s table and the Egyptian table formerly at Checkpoint Charlie’s in North Vancouver and now in the Astronomi-con terrain collection.

Jason Dyer's Trench Table
Jason Dyer’s Trench Table

I played on it and that was another of my Astronomi-con armies that finished tied for second or third in appearance. Yes once again I’m playing James Russo’s tyranids for the hawk-eyed among you.

Gaming terrain formerly at Checkpoint Charlie's
Gaming terrain formerly at Checkpoint Charlie’s

Additional Trench Tables

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5 thoughts on “How’s this for a trench table?”

    1. [quote]Someone posted this link on the Waaagh[/quote] <– That was me!! :-)

      Just love trench tables! This one indeed is a bit plain looking, trenches should be much more messy and need loads more rubbish on the rest of the table. But on the other hand, Madscuzzy's table leaves plenty of room for other scenery and having too much rubbish on the table makes it sometimes even hard to place the models without them falling over… and on top of everything: all the Forgeworld resin makes any wargamer jealous, I think!

      One day (Once upon a time…), when I have all my Orks painted I will start on my own trench table and in the meantime keep an eye on your blog to see how you are doing with yours!

      This one is very good as well, I think:

      1. Didn’t I post it on the Waaagh? Anyway the Madscuzzy guy made his table really fast and did things a bit different. I like Sidney’s table you can learn more about it by buying one of the Two Fat Lardies quarterly specials. Though he has since blogged more and created his fictitious Flemish village. Mine will be a lot more messy, I’ve bought a pile of scatter terrain and I make my own craters and what have you…

        Forgeworld makes nice stuff, but it can be a bit intimidating to paint the larger pieces. I have one or two bigger (but not Titan size) models to work on that I hope to get done in the next 12 months. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

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