WW1 Canadian Corps Colour Scheme

Note the ‘u’ in colour, that’s the Canadian spelling, Firefox seems to think it is a mistake… So as promised once I got the old figures off my paint table I would start on some new test figures. The models pictured below are my first Foundry Triad WW1 Colour Scheme trial model beside a GW Orlock which will be painted as a Servant of Decay and a Foundry Rifleman which will be painted as WW1 Canadian Corps, a Van Doo in fact. WW1 English Uniform Test Figures

The models were first cleaned with an exacto knife and a small set of files. The bases are just beach sand for the WIP figs. The finished model has a resin trench warfare base, I’ll be buying more of those as the Servants of Decay and the Van Doos progress and grow into a substantial force. I’m going to do 1500 points of Servants of Decay and maybe bulk that up a little more later, for the Van Doos, I’ll do a platoon, there should have only ever been a hundred and sixteen ever at one time, so painting all of them might be possible, but that is probably too much to promise.

Anyway after cleaning the model, they were spray painted chaos black.  They were then painted more black using whatever black I had on hand, very possibly a cheap Delta Ceramcoat as I’m working on some terrain pieces still.  Once the models were good and black I then got out my P3 Wet Palette which really isn’t necessary, but I did use it, so I better mention that, and more importantly my Foundry English Uniform Brown triad, number 100 for those who prefer to use the numbers. First I put the A or shade on all the uniform parts then I put the B or main color on most of the uniform parts then I put the C or highlight on the parts I thought should have it, mostly raised folds.

When that was all dry I put a reasonable wash of Devlan Mud, this is GW’s new dark brown wash, all over the uniforms. I used an old trick and laid the models on their backs while the wash dried. Once that was dried I got out a smaller brush, size zero, I’d used size one for every other coat. With the size zero I got some more 100C English Uniform Brown highlight and painted mostly the edges and the most extreme raised areas or just more towards the top of the model. You really just giver to use Canadian parlance.

Then I got the three models and took them to my makeshift photo box, used my iPhone 3GS to take a couple snaps and wrote this here blog post. I’ll also be starting a thread on Lead Adventure forum as they take painting WW1 models pretty seriously and I want to get feedback.  I’m more than willing to do another test figure or two to get a good look that isn’t too much work.

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